15 Blogger Types: Which Category Do You Fall Under?

Blogging is on the rave nowadays. In fact, according to a statistic in 2013, there were 152 million blogs that exist in the World Wide Web. Add a couple of years and a hundred—if not thousands—more have been established.

Starting and maintaining a blog takes more work than other people assume. There are also different kinds of bloggers that exist in the world. Most of them good, some of them not so.
To shed some light on this, let us introduce to you 15 bloggers who are behind those articles you like reading now and then.

1. Leeching Levingston

I will find you and I will copy youThis guy stalks one or several blogger/s and re-writes whatever it is he/she published. A few re-wording here and there to avoid being pinged for plagiarism is his way of working.

2. Curtis Copier

Curtis is a lot like Leeching Levingston; the difference is he gives due credit to the original writer of the post. At least there’s some dignity in there.

3. Andy Antagonist

Im Right Youre Wrong
Andy makes a lot of enemies as he likes opposing popular opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that of course if he backs up what he says with evidence—which he doesn’t.

4. Connie Contrarian
I respectfully disagree

Unlike Andy Antagonist, Connie can actually give substantial evidence as to why she opposes popular belief.

5. Diary Daisy


She doesn’t really care who reads her blog or if she garners any followers. She’ll just post whatever she feels about anything and everything. Her blog is like her online diary of sorts.


6. Half-Hearted Harry
I'm so confused right now

Harry doesn’t have a set schedule on his posting. He comes and goes from time-to-time which makes blog traffic inconsistent, but he does publish strong and well-written content.

7. Trendy Tara

Tara knows everything happening in her niche. She’s updated with the latest trend in her industry, and she can even make accurate predictions on what’s coming in the following months. She has a pretty solid follower base.

8. Irene Influencer

Follow Me
Irene is the person all bloggers wish to be. She’s an influencer in her niche and people value what she has to say. Her posts get hundreds of shares and thousands of views.

9. Social Sally

Sally doesn’t care much for blogging—at least not as much as being active on social media sites.

10. Owen Owner

A business owner who blogs for brand recognition, Owen produces high-quality content because of the name he has to grow and protect.

11. Guesting Gary

Guesting Gary
Gary likes guest blogging on different websites. He may or may not have a blog of his own, but he does create valuable and reliable contents.

12. Building Billy
Bieber fever

Billy doesn’t care much about revenue; he’s blogging because he wants to establish a loyal fan base. Folks like this are usually writers who want to bring their work front and center.

13. Passionate Patty

Blogging in general requires passion for writing or whatever it is you do. But Passionate Patty brings blogging to a whole new level. She’s a great blogger who enjoys what she does. However, she may or may not be receiving much traffic for her work.

14. Professional Paul

Im a Pro
Paul doesn’t just blog for fun; he blogs because he gets paid full-time for it. Blogging is his livelihood and most bloggers wish to be like him.

15. Freelancing Fred
I don't need you the way you need me, man!\

Like Paul, Fred also gets paid to blog for a living. But he gets paid to write blog posts for other people or companies. He produces nothing but great contents because he gets paid pretty well to do so.

Blog writing isn’t as easy as what other people think, but it is enjoyable if you thoroughly enjoy doing it.

Whatever kind of blogger you are, you must always keep in mind the purpose of establishing your blog in the first place. Never lose sight of your goal and the rest shall follow.

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