Accurate and Steady Delivery Tracking System

Reliable and consistent delivery tracking system in this age of on-demand delivery and internet shopping. Maximize route optimization, real-time alerts, data analytics, and delivery data access for accurate order tracking at any given time.

What Benefits you Will Get?

The Delivery Tracking System that Efficiently Follows the Trail of Your Business

Penetrate online delivery cycles in this on-demand delivery culture with improved delivery-tracking software. It has features such as real-time alerts, transparent delivery data, and route optimization.

Smart Vehicle Tracking

Track the time spent from en route to destination to get delivery estimates.

Instant Notifications

Read updates through email or SMS to monitor your delivery for real-time mapping.

Automated Delivery Proof

Check where and when proof of delivery (POD) is submitted with geotags and timestamps.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Receive photos and signature of the POD once the driver has safely delivered the item.

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What is FAI Delivery Tracking System?

Track your deliveries and reduce customer service calls with automated real-time notifications. This delivery tracking system values visibility and opportunity to keep close monitoring of data in terms of delivery operations. Leverage this platform to gain access to optimize the best routes of a particular delivery.

As developed by FilWeb Asia Inc., the system is a smart tracking system which provides constant real-time updates on the delivery personnel and items for delivery. The system focuses on ensuring an effective and transparent communication process with utmost promptness. Plus, it focuses on improving vehicle tracking, customer satisfaction, and staff accountability.

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