Smart and Time-saving Human Resource Integrated System

Automate and expedite time-consuming human resources processes with our AI-powered human resource integrated system. From candidate sourcing, employee hiring and onboarding, time and attendance tracking, to payroll processing and management, FAI HRIS can help you complete HR core tasks with ease.

What Benefits you Will Get?

FAI HRIS Features

Manage and accomplish HR core tasks without compromising the quality, productivity, and efficiency.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Monitor your employees’ working hours and immediately spot their attendance and clock-in and out patterns.

Automated Benefits Management

Seamlessly process and manage employee benefits while ensuring adherence to labor laws and regulations.

Employee Self-Service

Save time from mundane clerical tasks by letting employees handle their personal and work-related information.

Accurate Data Reporting

Interpret gathered data and make strategic projections and decisions on human resources management.

What We Offer

Website Maintenance Services

Streamline site structure and conversion with premium support, usability feature update, and site security improvement.

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What is a Human Resource Integrated System?

FAI HRIS is a human resource integrated system developed by our team of tech geeks to help employers—particularly the human resources department—increase productivity and streamline HR activities and processes. From applicant tracking, staff recruitment and hiring, time and attendance tracking, to benefits administration, payroll, and accounting, FAI HRIS plays an integral role in efficiently performing and completing recurring HR duties.

Through its components, FAI HRIS can help the HR department facilitate successful automation of business processes that can boost operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and make wise decisions.

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