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Six Surefire Tricks to Making Catchy Blog Titles

Often overlooked, headlines play a crucial role in engaging online users to read further. Despite this, however, not every blogger is good at writing catchy blog titles.

Writers face a greater challenge because today’s readers are not people alone. Search engines read online contents, too. After all, market share and search engine ranking are the goals of content writing. One way to achieve these goals is to write a title that will grab the attention of readers and web crawlers alike. Thus, bloggers like you must learn how to create compelling headlines.

Effective Tricks to Writing Catchy Blog Titles

How can you write an interesting blog title? Follow these six surefire tips to make your headlines more remarkable.

1. Start with a working title.

You may not think of a perfect title as soon as you know the topic. Make sure your title sums up the blog because it can serve as your guide in creating your content. Change it once you completed the copy.

2. Add figure(s).

Blogs with numbers in their titles garner more page views than those without them. In fact, such blogs are in the best performing sites, too, with over 400 percent more traffic than entries with pure texts alone. While no explanation exists why and how numbers work, maybe seeing them in the title excites readers. Numbers do magic! So, use them when you’re writing blog titles!

3. Use interesting descriptive words.

Adjectives we hear or say less daily may excite readers and make them curious of the content. In the same way, alliteration can help you create a good title. For example, using the phrase “foolproof formula” sounds better than “guaranteed formula.” Be fussy when using colorful words in your headline.

4. Sum up your content.

Avoid ambiguity. How do you do it then? Go straight to the point. Keep your blog title short but perfect. While you can still create one that thrills, don’t forget to define the whole content in it.

5. Define your value proposition.

If you’re writing about a product or service, your blog must be your marketing tool. Thus, include a value proposition in your title, something you can offer to readers that will set you apart from industry rivals.

6. Add a keyword.

To attract both web crawlers and readers, your headline must have a keyword or key phrase, but don’t overstuff it. Figure how online guests will see your posts and compel them to read more. Do you suppose “catchy blog titles” will make a better key phrase than just “blog titles?” Think through what prospective readers will search to find the most relevant blogs or online contents to read.
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