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Best Coffee Shops in San Pedro, Laguna that You Don’t Want to Miss

Hi there, coffee lovers in the South! Are you looking for a new lair that serves great coffee near your humble abode? We have prepared a list of the best coffee shops in San Pedro, Laguna that you should visit.

Daily Grind Coffee Shop and Coworking

Craving for your favorite drink to start your busy sched? Not a problem! Daily Grind Coffee Shop and Coworking allows you to enjoy their space ideal for coworking while having your favorite drink. Indeed, they offer the best of both worlds–coffee shop and coworking space. Not too shabby if you’re looking for the best coffee shops in San Pedro, Laguna, right?

This place is the hideout for you if you just want to enjoy the peace and quiet that you won’t feel in chain coffee shops. It’s a modern café with neat and simple interior, enough to help you concentrate with your work or spend precious time with a loved one. It has its professional vibe that could boost your productivity and creativity. That’s why it’s a perfect place if you have to attend online meetings or classes, or working remotely. You can access their fast internet connection when you buy at least 100-peso worth of drinks or food.

Coffee shop with chairs and tables and barista in the coffee counter

Daily Grind serves best-tasting hot and iced coffee with their quality local and foreign grown coffee beans. They use 100% Arabica for their cold coffee-based drinks and 80% Robusta and 20% Arabica for their espresso-based drinks. If you’re not so much into coffee, you can try some of their non-coffee frappes, juices, and smoothies. Not to mention, their smoothies can be cream based or yogurt based, depending on your liking. They also have mouth-watering pastries, pasta, sandwiches, salad, and crepes for a reasonable price. If you want a coffee on the go, try their 18-hour steeped coffee in a bottle and flex their stylish cold brew.

If you want something new, they also have coffee drinks that aren’t available in most coffee shops–Spanish coffee and Irish coffee. For new coffee enthusiasts, Daily Grind’s special drinks are a must-try. Plus, you can also customize your drink with their variety of available add-ons. If you don’t know much about coffee, no worries; their friendly baristas will be happy to recommend you a drink. Try the new treats on their menu, which include double chocolate mocha and puttanesca pasta.

Flat lay of food and drinks. Pasta in the center with three drinks and slices of cakes on its side

Best sellers: Spanish coffee (Php 135.00/doppio for hot and Php 135.00/solo and Php 150.00/doppio for iced), Americano (Php 80.00/solo and Php 90.00/doppio for hot and Php 90.00/solo for iced), caramel macchiato (Php 135.00/doppio for hot and Php 130.00/solo and Php 145.00/doppio for iced), pepperoni and mozzarella ciabatta (Php 135.00), truffle pasta (Php 250.00).

Price range: For the drinks, they have 2 size options–Solo and Doppio. Hot coffee: Php 70.00-Php 120. Iced coffee: Php 85.00-Php 165.00. Frappes: Php 140.00-Php 180.00. Juices: Php 110.00-Php 120.00. Smoothies: Php 120.00-Php 140.00. Cakes: Php 110.00-Php 140.00. Pastries: Php 65.00-Php 90.00. Crepes: Php 145.00-Php 159.00. Salads: Php 225.00-Php 245.00. Sandwiches: Php 60.00-Php 140.00. Nachos: Php 90.00-Php 130.00. Pasta: Php 210.00-Php 230.00.

Approximate budget for 1 person: Php 200.00

Location: FilWeb Asia Bldg., Maharlika Drive, United San Pedro Subdivision, San Pedro, Laguna
Store hours: 10AM-9PM Mondays to Saturdays
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DailyGrindCoffeePH/
IG account: @dailygrindcoffeeph
Website: https://dailygrind.ph/

Hiraya Manawari

Hiraya Manawari is one of the coziest coffee shops in San Pedro. This coffee shop is a gem if you want to dine and chill out with friends or just by yourself. Plus, it’s pet-friendly. So, you can bring your fur babies for them to meet new friends while you’re enjoying your coffee fix.

They have a great atmosphere with all the pretty modernist décor. The interior design reflects dark and earth-toned colors with crafty rattan pendant lighting. Not only that, if you need to use your gadgets, you don’t need to worry that it’ll run out of battery because there are electrical plugs under each table. You’ll surely feel the sense of comfort not just from the Instagram-friendly, quality-tasting food and drinks but also from the staff who work there.

Coffee shop with chairs and pendant lighting made of rattan, wooden tables, and hanging plants

Hiraya offers a great variety of drinks and food. They have signature lattes and uniquely brewed barista specials made from local beans. If you feel like having a meal, you can choose from their main dishes, all-day breakfast, and sandwiches. Of course, a coffee shop won’t be complete without pastries to partner your cuppa. In Hiraya, you can enjoy the goodness of their donuts, cookies, and cheesecake all with its own twist.

Flat lay of potato chips, salad, bacon, chocolate chip cookie, cappuccino with bear 3D art, and iced tea

Best sellers: French vanilla latte (Php 145.00), long black (Php 120.00), lechon kawali with pumpkin puree (Php 380.00), and potato chips (Php 40.00).

Price range: Coffee: Php 70.00-Php 200.00. Tea: Php 110.00-Php 140.00. Main dish: Php 240.00-Php 380.00. All-day breakfast: Php 180.00-Php 240.00. Sandwiches: Php 220.00-Php 240.00 Sides: Php 40.00-Php 55.00. Pastries: Php 65.00-Php 210.00.

Approximate budget for 1 person: Php 300.00, plus 10% service charge

Location: Level 4, Robinsons Galleria South, Km. 31, National Highway, Brgy, San Pedro, Laguna
Store hours: 10AM-9PM, but their last call for orders is 8:30PM
Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/hirayamanawarilaguna
IG account: @hirayamanawarilaguna

Yellow Sweets Café

If you’re blue and want some comfort food, Yellow Sweets Café is a perfect nook for you. Their main goal as a café is to make their customers feel good every day, as you can see on their wall. True enough with their best-tasting dishes, drinks, and sweets, you can feel the comfort of good food. Plus, it’s one of the local coffee shops you’d want to come back to and dine with family, have a quick catch up with friends, or have some alone time because of its welcoming atmosphere and accommodating staff. With their free Wi-Fi connection, you can post your IG-worthy food and drinks right away.

It’s got a small space but you won’t feel crowded even if there are other people dining in—it still feels comfortable. The interior is simple yet functional and still pleasing to the eyes. They have bar table if you want to have lone time. They also have outdoor chairs and tables.

Storefront of a café with plants, light pendants, and wall paint of Feeling Good

The menu is terrific considering that all of their offerings, even the pastries they sell, are homemade. Yellow Sweets Café takes pride in their handcrafted drinks. They have espresso-based and espresso-free drinks that you’ll surely like. They also serve rice meals like Salisbury steak and chicken parmigiana, pasta, panini and sandwiches, snacks, and pastries.

Flat lay of panini with chips, chicken parmigiana, Salisbury steak, pasta, and drinks

Best sellers: YSC coffee milkshake (Php 155), double lasagna roll (Php 205.00), and blueberry cheesecake (Php 115.00).

Price range: Espresso-based coffee: Php 55.00-Php 185.00. Espresso free: Php 75.00-Php 165.00. Rice meals: Php 139.00. Pasta: Php 145.00-Php 205.00. Panini and sandwiches: Php 150.00-Php 185.00. Snacks: Php 85.00-Php 115.00. Pastries: Php 65.00-Php 120.00.

Approximate budget for 1 person: Php 150.00

Location: GF of Harmony Village Mall
Store hours: 8AM-8PM
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/yellowsweetscafe
IG account: @yellowsweetscafe

WGM Café and Resto

WGM or Wagamama is a hippie café in the South. It’s a fusion of Japanese- and New York-style café perfect for millennials, Gen-Z, and those young at heart. You can use their card and board games while waiting for your order to be served. Plus, they have karaoke that you could use if you feel like channeling the pop star in you. It has three different space concepts, each giving you a feeling that you’re in 3 different coffee shops.

Room with book wallpaper, chairs and long tables, and plant accent.
Photo taken from WGM Cafe and Resto Facebook page

If you’re craving for Japanese, American, and Filipino food, WGM’s got your back. Those three inspire their menu. They serve classic coffee, frappe, non-coffee drinks, charcoal-grilled or fried bagnet, steak, chicken, fish, short ribs, and pasta. They also serve wine and best-paired finger-food such as meat and cheese platter, chicken strips, and fruit cup with whipped cream.

A cup of cappuccino
Photo taken from WGM Cafe and Resto Facebook page

Best sellers: Manhattan dark chocolate milkshake (Php 155.00), cookies and cream (Php 139.00), steak (Php 199.00), and wine (Php 159.oo-Php169.00/glass and Php 599.00/bottle).

Price range: Hot coffee: Php 89.00-Php 109.00. Iced coffee: Php 99.00-Php 119.00. Ice blended: Php 130.00. Frappes: Php. 129.00-Php 139.00. Milk shake: Php 139.00-Php 155.00. Rice meal: Php 179.00-Php 199.00. Pasta: Php 149.00. Wine: Php 159.oo-Php169.00/glass and Php 599.00/bottle.

Approximate budget for 1 person: Php 150.00

Location: Pacita Avenue, San Pedro, Laguna
Store hours: 2PM-8PM
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/WGMPacita

Maestro Fedeli Café

Maestro Fedeli is one of the pioneers to brew coffee in San Pedro, Laguna. The place gives you the feel of serenity. So, if you want to unwind while having a good-tasting coffee, this place is for you. It has a dark-themed and woody style that could induce your creativity. While it is far from spacious, the ambiance makes up for it. It’s a great hangout place for the titos and titas of the South.

A coffee shop with coffee counter with menu, light pendants, and wooden tables and chairs
Photo taken from Maestro Fedeli Cafe Facebook page

Maestro Fedeli serves hot, over-ice, ice blended coffee; along with unique milk tea flavors, salad, pasta, freshly baked bread, and desserts. You can also buy their ready-to-drink coffee if you need a quick caffeine kick.

Iced coffee in a transparent mug with Maestro Fedeli cafe print and chocolate desert with whipped cream and chocolate chip
Photo taken from Maestro Fedeli Cafe Facebook page

Best sellers: Spinach lasagna rolls (Php 149.00) and Maestro macchiato (Php 115.00).

Price range: Hot coffee: Php 85.00-Php 155.00. Over ice coffee: Php 105.00-Php 155.00. Miscelato (ice blended): Php 145.00-Php 175.00. Milk tea: Php 75.00-Php 115.00. Salad: Php 119.00-Php 135.00. Pasta: Php 139.00-Php 149.00. Bread: Php 100.00-Php 180.00. Desserts: Php 120.00-Php 250.00. Ready-to-drink coffee: Php 85.00.

Approximate budget for 1 person: Php 200.00

Location: 6th Street, Macaria Avenue, Pacita Complex 1, San Pedro, Laguna
Store hours: 8AM-8PM
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maestrofedeli
IG account: @maestrofedelicafe

Southbound Café

If you want to go for a coffee escape but don’t want to travel far, then Southbound Café is the place to be. Their location is ideal if you need a quick coffee break without worrying about the long commute. They’re situated in the boundary of the South and the Metro. Just like other coffee shops, they have stable internet connection. Plus, for booklovers, you’re free to read some of their books. You can also borrow their board games if you feel like spending some quality time with your loved ones and creating new memories over coffee.

You can see in the interior that the owner loves coffee and cars. So if you love those too, you’ll appreciate the design of this café. The place is bright despite the wooden accent. Its ambiance has an overall industrial feel because of the chairs and tables. It also has this homey vibe due to the living-room-like set-up near the storefront.

A coffee shop with wooden chairs and tables, orange walls, and coffee bean wallpaper on the coffee counter

Southbound Café offers good deal of food and drinks. Aside from the classic coffee shop drinks like latte, macchiato, and cappuccino, they also have espresso-free drinks like tea and Yakult ice blended. You can pair your chosen drink to their sandwiches, pica pica, pasta, and even all-day breakfast.

someone holding an 8oz-size Iced coffee on a green wall background

Best sellers: Iced macchiato (Php 90.00/8oz,Php 100.00/16oz, and Php 110.00/22oz), cookies and cream frappe (Php 105.00/8oz,Php 125.00/16oz, and Php 135.00/22oz), carbonara (Php 159.00), and tapsilog (Php 125.00).

Price range: Hot coffee: Php 90.00-Php 110.00. Over ice: Php 90.00-Php 110.00. Frappe: Php 105.00-Php 135.00 Yakult ice blend: Php 89.00. Tea: Php 60.00-Php 80.00. Pasta: Php 159.00. Rice meals: Php 105.00-Php 125.00 Chicken wings: Php 99.00-Php 299.00. Sandwiches: Php 85.00-Php 95.00. Snacks: Php 99.00-Php 119.00.

Approximate budget for 1 person: Php 200.00

Location: 87 Mabini Street, San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna
Store hours: 3AM-10PM
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/southboundcafe
IG account: @southboundcafe.ph

Choose the Best Coffee Shops in San Pedro

These coffee shops have different highlights that set them apart from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Go visit them and experience their one-of-a-kind treat! For more affordable tambayans, check out our list of cheap food finds in town.