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Your Daily Dose of Caffeine: Exploring the Best Coffee Shop in San Pedro

Drinking a good cup of coffee is a great way to start your day. Coffee has plenty of benefits aside from waking you up; it also gives you energy, improves focus, and brightens your day. All these are enough reasons that it has become part of the lives of Filipinos. Thus, it’s unsurprising that many look for coffee hideouts that serve the best-tasting brews.

If you’re a Southie on the hunt for a cozy, unique cafe experience, we know the best coffee shop in San Pedro.

The Top 5 Go-To Coffee Shops in San Pedro

There are plenty of local coffee shops in the Philippines, and each has different coffee tricks. But not all cafes can provide good coffee and a next-level experience. That’s why our coffee enthusiasts have listed some not-so-hidden coffee treasures in town.

1. Daily Grind Coffee Shop

First on our list is Daily Grind Coffee Shop, a not-so-secret coffee nook in the South. They serve world-class beans in every cup, which will surely satisfy your daily dose of coffee fix. Every sip carries the essence of carefully selected beans, roasted to perfection, and expertly brewed to release a symphony of tastes. Their expert baristas are able to blend coffee with nutty and chocolaty to fruity and floral notes. Aside from their specialty coffee, they also have a good variety of drinks, pastries, and pasta menus.

Plus, it’s a great hideout to meet friends and connect with loved ones. If you’re a student or a professional looking for a place to study or work, this is a good spot for you. With their coworking-friendly vibe and high-speed internet, you can focus on your daily grind with your favorite cuppa in your hand.

daily grind coffee best coffee shop in san pedro

Bestsellers: Spanish coffee, coffee jelly, pepperoni and mozzarella ciabatta, stir-fried chicken pasta.

Approximate budget for 1 person: Php 300.00

Location: FilWeb Asia Bldg., Maharlika Drive, United San Pedro Subdivision, San Pedro, Laguna
Store hours: 11 AM-9 PM Mondays to Fridays; 2 PM-10 PM Saturdays and Sundays
Facebook page: DailyGrindCoffeePH
IG account: @dailygrindcoffeeph
Website: https://dailygrindcoffee.ph/

2. Cafe Pepita

If you’re looking for a place to drink good coffee and eat a hearty meal, then this should be your go-to cafe in town. They started as a small coffee shop in the heart of Pacita, San Pedro. Now, they’re transitioning to a restaurant. They serve foodies with homemade dishes, cocktails, and their own coffee recipe.

cafe pepita's must-try coffee shop in san pedro

Bestsellers: CBD coffee and Amatriciana

Approximate budget for 1 person: PHP 350

Location: #17 P Gomez St. Brgy. Pacita 1, San Pedro, Philippines
Store hours: 11 AM-9 PM Mondays to Thursdays; 11 AM-11 PM Fridays to Sundays
Facebook page: cafe_pepita
IG account: cafe_pepita
Website: https://utak.io/store/cafepepita

3. Cafe Aya

Cafe Aya serves uniquely brewed barista specials and signature lattes made from local beans. You can customize your drinks by choosing from almond, oat, soy, and whole milk. In addition, they have espresso and creme-based drinks inspired by different places like Seoul and Spain; as well as fruit tea and matcha drinks. They also have a long list of pastries on their menu, and all of them are a must-try. Despite its small space, its interior makes the place look bigger.

cafe aya's best drinks and pastries

Photo taken from Facebook.

Bestsellers: Anatolia, Espanya, New York Cheeky, and croissant

Approximate budget for 1 person: PHP 200

Location: Unit 5 Rui Da Building, Southwoods, Binan, Laguna
Store hours: 10:00 Am to 10:00 Pm Mondays to Sundays
Facebook page: cafeayaph
IG account: cafeayaph
Website: https://msha.ke/takeuswithyou

4. Caca Coffee

Looking for a coffee and Korean dessert fusion? Caca Coffee should be on your list. It’s a good place for coffee lovers and people who love sweets—both kids and those young at heart. The place has a picture-perfect modern interior. This attracts customers who are searching for an Instagram-worthy place that offers satisfying treats.

caca coffee shop in san pedro

Photo taken from Facebook.

Bestsellers: Caramel macchiato, cordon bleu, and cheese sticks

Approximate budget for 1 person: PHP 200

Location: Unit 2A, Rosario Complex Commercial Building, Laguna, San Pedro, Philippines
Store hours: 12 PM-10 PM Mondays to Sundays
Facebook page: cacacoffeeph
IG account: cacacoffeeph

5. NUE Cafe & Restaurant

Another unique coffee shop in San Pedro offers coffee and it ties up with a skin beauty clinic. So, if you want to unwind and pamper yourself, you must visit NUE Cafe & Restaurant. Their signature dishes and drinks recharge your soul. This is a local cafe that’s passionate about advocating self-care with its menu and skincare services.

nue cafe coffee shop in san pedro

Bestsellers: Signature honeycomb latte, shrimp aglio olio, and chicken lollipop

Approximate budget for 1 person: PHP 250

Location: 2/F Pacita Promenade, San Pedro Laguna
Store hours: 12 PM-7 PM Mondays to Thursdays; 12 PM-9 PM Fridays to Sundays
Facebook page: nuecafeandrestaurant

Brewing Smiles: San Pedro’s Favorite Coffee Stop

Good coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s also an experience that awakens the senses and uplifts the spirit. Trying coffee from a local cafe doesn’t just give you the extra caffeine kick. It’s also an avenue to meet new people, connect with your loved ones, and experience a quick escape from all the buzz.

What are you waiting for? Get your purse, call your friends, and experience the perfect blend from the best coffee shop in San Pedro, Laguna today!