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How Much Should You Pay for Website Optimization Services?

Do you want to use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your business’ online presence? You may have a practical plan, but before you make the move, find out how much money you’ll need to carry on with your digital marketing campaign. Below are pricing models that will show you how much website optimization services cost.

Pricing Models for Website Optimization Services

As with other digital marketing campaigns, SEO comes with a price—sometimes as much as the cost of a car. Yet, understanding these pricing models may save you and your business.

Fixed Pricing

Often comes in packages, the service provider delivers SEO services to clients in a specified period—complete with inclusions. SEO website audit is the most common form of service coming with fixed prices. It includes analysis of the site’s online presence and keywords that may reap a high ROI. Likewise, this audit analyzes the site’s competitive edge by naming its strengths. To give you hints on the packages, a firm’s prices can be $349, $599, $899, or $1,299. They may charge fees based on inclusions and service duration.

  • Monthly Payment
    Without doubt, it’s the most effective pricing scheme, yet comparable to hiring an in-house staff. Why? Because a monthly charge often includes SEO expert’s salary and benefits, and management fees. Yet, it includes an array of services such as keyword research, analytics report, on-site content improvements, etc.
  • Hourly Rate
    Ideal for onetime tasks, this payment scheme offers a high level of transparency but may sum up to a much larger bill than expected. This pricing model, with a set hourly rate, lets you check the cost’s breakdown, allowing you to allot your budget. Likewise, it gives you a good balance of your time because it sets a specific deadline. The hourly SEO services rate depends on your need.

Per Project Pricing

More than an online marketing technique, SEO is an investment. Hence, getting a project-based service is just right if you want to focus on a particular scheme. You need not think of the cost even if it requires specialized SEO skills and lump-sum payment. In addition, this scheme allows you to control costs based on the form and scope of the SEO service.

From these pricing schemes, you now know how much money you must invest in your SEO campaigns. Hence, measure how well it will help you. Is it worth the cost? Does your business need it?

With this, choose the best service provider that offers a flexible pricing scheme. Hire one that can tailor its service to your business’ needs. Don’t look for the lowest price, but choose the firm that can deliver the best work or output.

FilWeb Asia offers website optimization services that affect users and search engines alike. Our SEO services use techniques that can give your site enough exposure and tag you as the most relevant result for online queries. To inquire on our virtual assistance and digital marketing services, contact our customer service reps.

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