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5 Relatable Challenges a Typical Working Student Encounters

A student’s life is a mixture of self-discovery, school errands, and educational milestones. However, not all students can go to school and support their basic needs. Thus, becoming a working student these days is a norm. FilWeb Asia Inc. shares with you five relatable challenges that a typical working student faces in their journey. Perhaps, you have experienced some of these and will want to share your experiences in the comment box below.
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Five Challenges as a Working Student

You Go to Bed Tired and Exhausted.

Balancing work and school errands are tiring. You start your day as early as possible and may even feel that the hours devoted aren’t enough. You are one of those who wish for few extra hours to catch more winks. A working student usually goes to bed tired from the long list of errands they need to finish.

You Overuse the Statement “Hindi ako pwede, may work ako e.” to Your Friends.

Your friends can agree on hearing this line from you every time they ask you to hang out. Juggling school and job takes up most of your time, so you just want to spare those extra few hours to rest. Some can also relate that being a working student lags your social life and it’s all right.

You Prefer Working Overtime Than Participating in Extracurricular Activities.

If you are a working student, you know how working overtime sounds better than your school’s extracurricular deeds. Of course, it’s not because you don’t want to join those enticing and fun events, but that extra salary can help you big time in terms of financial.

Your Homework, Projects, and School Reports Are Overwhelming.

It’s frustrating to have a pile of school works plus that statement of account you need to settle before the week ends. Students, most especially the working ones, can relate to the pressure of meeting the amount you need before you can take the examinations.

You Suffer from Sleep Deprivation and Other Health Complications.

Across industries, sleep deprivation eats a large slice of our problems. Students suffer from sleep deprivation because of school errands; however, working students struggle more. You go home tired and exhausted plus you have a few hours for yourself.

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With grit, strong will, and focus, a working student like you can progress in life. Avoid abusing your health, follow time management for students, and don’t hesitate to take a rest. Observe an organized schedule and stick to your budget. Shy away from procrastination. Reward yourself for working hard and loosen up. Besides, there are online jobs for students like you who want to support their education. Earning money online can give you enough time to balance your tasks.
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