Your Ultimate Job Interview Checklist to Ace an Interview

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Job interview is indeed a nerve-racking stage on your job-landing journey. Sure, you already know job-searching basics, but this sure-fire job interview checklist is all you need to boost your chance. Acquaint yourself on how to prepare for an interview and stamp a good impression.
You must not go to an interview empty-handed. Job interview preparation is one secret to ace an interview. Preparing what to bring in a job interview plays a role in either killing or boosting your chance. A recruiter’s mindset is erratic. However, your poise makes a huge chunk to display a good impression. To avoid failing, we rounded up a job interview checklist for you to win that interview.
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Eight Main Things Your Job Interview Checklist Must Have

Never go to a battle without guts and guns. Same with your job interview, dashing out without anything with you already kills the job opportunity. Yes, confidence is vital, but having this alone won’t produce good results after an interview. Hence, take note of these eight things your job interview checklist must have.

1. Pen and a Small Notebook

Stuff a pen and a small notepad in your bag. Armoring yourself with this duo during an interview shows your enthusiasm and keenness to details. Jotting down small notes also tips your interviewer that you listen and value what he or she is saying. Writing down notes during the interview comes handy when it’s time for you to review any information.

2. Extra Resume Copies

Although we have an advanced technology, nothing beats a hard copy of your resume. Most interviewers expect you to bring extra copies to look at. It is better to bring a printed copy than cram during the interview.

3. Portfolio

For most job seekers in the field of multimedia arts, writing, engineering, etc., bringing your portfolio along with your resume and ideas is a plus point. It’s good to have a proof of your best works to boost your chance in grabbing the position.

4. Snacks and Water

As you wait for your turn, you might find your stomach grumbling. To avoid looking pale and lifeless when you face your interviewer, bring some snacks and water to keep you energized. Dehydration can cause headaches and you don’t want to lose that chance to nail an interview. An important part of your job interview checklist is to pack some light meals and enough water as you wait. Candies and gums are good, but remember to spit out your gum right before the talk. Don’t dare to bring heavy meals and smelly food.

5. Necessary Files and Requirements

Another must-have in your job interview checklist is your available documents and job requirements. Preparing this ahead of time hints your employer that you are ready to work for them. Manage your time and errands to finish the files necessary for the job. You must brace yourself and have back-up files if things didn’t work out.

6. Engaging Questions

List a set of engaging questions on your job interview checklist. Use it to build rapport and raise relevant questions. Ask queries which focus more on knowing the company culture more. You can also throw questions like, “Do you want to clarify some information about me?”

7. Research Output of the Company

Even though you should study the company’s details and history beforehand, make sure to have the concrete basics with you. You must note the brand, the services it offers, and the owners. Your research adds value on how to shoot questions at your interviewer.

8. Confidence and a Positive Attitude

Perhaps, an important part of job interview checklist you must not forget is the confidence with a positive attitude is important in acing your interview. Exhale negative thoughts and trust your own abilities. Only you can save the day. Thus, you should compose yourself and stand firm. Instill confidence and enjoy the talk.

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Job preparations are important to amplify your chances to ace a job interview. You can create your own job interview guide patterned to this job interview checklist to help you win that interview.
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