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What the Year of the Dog Has in Store for You Based on Your 2018 Career Horoscope

We just welcomed Chinese New Year and we’re sure that you’re excited to find out what’s in store for you this new lunar year. New beginnings always evoke new hopes and promises to our personal life and to our career as well. To give light to dedicated workers like you, we round up this career horoscope to inspire, motivate, and serve as your career guide towards prosperity this year of the Dog.

Chinese Career Horoscope for the Year of the Dog

In Chinese Astrology, the 12-year cycle of the zodiacs relates to five elements (water, earth, fire, metal, and earth) and 12 different animal signs (Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, and Rooster). For example, professionals who were born in the year of 1968, 1970, 1982, and 1994 fall under the Dog zodiac sign. Hence, scroll along to find out what specific career advice each zodiac sign must heed to invite good fortune this 2018.


Rejoice, it’s your year! But don’t get too carried away. Keep your feet grounded and your pace steady since it’s not the best timing to negotiate for a pay increase or ask for a promotion. Keeping yourself healthy will be a challenge to you this year, so make sure you watch your food intake, have enough rest, and exercise.


Stay away from negativity and keep your outlook positive. You must work on building a stronger rapport with your colleagues and clients to attract wealth and profits. It’s a great year to enhance your skills and expand your job network.


You’re up for a roller coaster ride. Do your best to turn every work load into gold. Soon, you’ll reap the fruits of your hard work, but if you’re not too careful, you can suffer from great losses. Your strength in character shall be tested, but once you overcome these challenges, expect rewards (in the form of incentives/promotions) to come your way.


2018 is the best year to enhance your career skills and adopt a better working style. Your finances don’t look good this year though, so save up and be careful in investing your hard-earned money. Only purchase what you really need. Lastly, remember to appreciate your work effort.


Your career horoscope expects a positive fiscal outlook for you in 2018. You can look forward to salary increase and growing profits. However, be careful with your temper. Keep calm to avoid conflicts with colleagues.


Prioritize your health this year. A sound mind and body hosts creativity and productivity. Furthermore, it’s also a year to look for major career moves and better job opportunities. This is your time to have guts and pursue what career you really want.


You’ll be wealthy in terms of health this 2018, still, you won’t be free from stress. Cut down unnecessary spending and save part of your income to brace for likely financial losses.


2018 will be a fast-paced year for you. Your bright ideas and innovations will bring you great rewards. Resiliency in all aspects is your best hallmark. However, watch your words and work on your listening skills for career growth.


Expect the best employment situation for you this 2018. However, business and investments can turn out otherwise. Rethink your spending style and stick to a budget plan. Take enough time weighing consequences and results.


The new lunar year holds a bright future for your career. Face its challenges with courage and imagination. Your luck will increase, so seize opportunities by increasing your patience and improving your communication skills. Your leadership skill is another thing that will bring you into greater heights.


Career predictions for you points at an optimistic result to changes in direction. Welcome career shifts and adapt to progress by learning new job skills. Let this year be your chance to grab new career opportunities.


Your cash flow and earnings stay stable, if you avoid disputes by standing in neutral ground. Practice caution in your decision-making. Likewise, always be ready to face the consequences of your actions.

Career Forecast for 2018: The Year of the Brown Earth Dog

career horoscope
2018 is the year of the Brown Earth Dog. Horoscope experts foresee abundance in terms of finance and career. It’s the year for building relationships, loyalty, and stability. However, all the fruitful hard work can take a toll on our health. Thus, healthy living and avoiding illnesses are our keys to living 2018 to its fullest.

Unlike western astrology that tracks the stars’ movements, the Chinese zodiac links people’s personality and fortune based on the Chi or the life force on earth that they absorb the year they were born. However, your career horoscope only provides guidance, it’s still your present actions and work attitude from the job interview, to the actual work that must dictate your future.
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