FilWebers posing for a photo for their 2023 company outing and team building

FilWeb Asia Inc.’s Spectacular Company Outing and Team Building 2023

Filipinos are accustomed to visiting beaches throughout the dry season, in a collective effort to “beat the summer heat.” Imbibing this same tradition this summer, FilWebers followed suit by taking on a fantastic excursion to Blue Coral Beach in Laiya, Batangas last May 13 and 14 for its 2023 company outing and team building.

Aerial view of Blue Coral Beach Resort grabbed from the company’s Facebook page
Aerial view of Blue Coral Beach Resort (Credit: Blue Coral Facebook page)

From a call time of 4AM, the employees arrived at Blue Coral at around 7:30 AM, where they were greeted by Mr. Carlos C. Maravilla and the team of Sage Leadership Consultancy, Inc. (SAGE), the host for FilWeb Asia Inc.’s company outing and team building 2023. Wasting no time, the hosts prepared five check-in terminals as ice breaker, which involved FilWebers to write down in paper what they were expecting and looking forward to experiencing in the 2023 company outing and team building.

One of the 5 check-in terminals involved participants writing their expectations for the FAI Team Building 2023

The parade of team flags and cheering competition, both of which were prepared for and rehearsed days leading to the actual event, were further highlights of the FAI Company Outing and Team Building 2023 program. The FilWebers displayed their skills by designing beautiful flags and doing incredible cheering choreography and vocals.

The fun challenge stations came after the parade of team flags and cheering competition, which comprised of the activities:

  • Mag-igib ay ‘Di Biro
  • Gagambutas
  • May Tatlong Bibeng Nag-Tiktok
  • Lawaye River, and
  • Thinking Outside the Box

The diverse activities combined critical and strategic thinking and teamwork that challenged all participants. Despite perspiring in the heat, FilWebers enjoyed taking on the difficulties.

After the fun challenge station games, the employees were treated to a sumptuous lunch, followed by a group workshop named “Strawng Tower” wherein they had to construct a tower using just four packs of straws.

To construct a strong straw tower, each team’s members in each of the five groups collaborated. By laying a solid foundation, they acquired the skills necessary to build a tower. Surely, they could apply the lessons they learned in the group session in their day-to-day lives, which is the group workshop’s main objective.

After this activity, it was time for the FilWebers to check in at the resort’s Deluxe Rooms.

All teams presenting their Strawng Towers

Following that, SAGE prepared an energizer before the main event, which is the Amazing Race. The energizer was called “Sauluhin Mo,” which involved the team leaders holding a basket over their heads while their teammates threw water-filled plastic bags. Then, in order to get points, the team captains must successfully capture the plastic bags.

Next on the energizer game was the Hulmagination. In this activity, players must construct the word that the host will say using their body and creativity. It was an enjoyable game that FilWebers played by the seashore.

After a full day of events, the FAI Amazing Race 2023 finally took place. It also included five additional challenges, including the flag relay, food relay, treasure group picture hunt, caterpillar, and bayanihan run.

As FilWebers wrapped up the entire day filled with activities, they went swimming in the waters and taking in the soothing wind on the coast. After an hour of well-earned relaxation, all FilWebers gathered to eat in the dinner buffet concluding the first day of FAI Company Outing and Team Building 2023.

FilWebers posing for a photo after the culmination of the events.

On the second day of FAI Company Outing and Team Building 2023, the winners of the team building were announced along with the special awards. Team Yellow Sparrows were this year’s FAI Company Outing and Team Building overall winner. The entire FilWeb family made sure to make the most of the rest of their second day at the resort after the winners were announced. While some went swimming by the beach, some did so by the pool.

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