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12 Punctuality Tips That Perfect Attendance Awardees Actually Use

Quality performance wouldn’t be possible without attendance and punctuality. Even if you’re the top performing employee sa department ninyo, balewala pa rin ‘yun kung madalas kang late or absent. If there’s something we commonly hate about adulting (aside from the bills and responsibilities) it’s the daily struggle to wake up in the morning. Sa kaka-snooze mo sa alarm mo, na-late ka na nang tuluyan. Does your company have a Perfect Attendance Award na hanggang ngayon ay ‘di mo parin masungkit-sungkit? At dahil binabasa mo ito ngayon, you’re in luck! Heed these punctuality tips na ang ilan ay galing mismo sa aming Perfect Attendance Awardees and the Hall of Famer himself!
Disclaimer: Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

First things first. Start by preparing the things you need the night before, para pag-gising mo kinabukasan hindi ka nagmamadali—lalo na kapag mabagal ka kumilos.

“Prepare the things you need the night before. The bath you would take in the wee hours of the morning can be done before you go to sleep (if you take a lot of time in the bathroom).”

– Brian Rae Sangalang/ Team Leader, CDD

If you find it difficult to get up every morning, here’s a take on punctuality tips: maybe it’s time you should start with a new routine so you can reset your body clock and discipline yourself more.

“If alam mo sa sarili mo na dapat within this time nasa office ka na, eh dapat ayusin mo ang body clock mo. Also, kailangan mong panindigan ‘yun (routine) na hindi ka dapat malate.”

– Dennies Mag-Isa/ Technical Service Representative, Flexi Department

Or just simply set one goal and make it a mantra para lagi kang motivated na gumising on time.

“Set a goal and focus on it.”

– Christopher Quizon/ Business Process Associate, DRT

If you’re that type of person na laging saktuhan umalis and still ending up late for work, this trick will definitely work on you.

“Set all your watches at home 15 to 30 minutes ahead of the office time. Use this advanced time as your official time so you will always be 10-30 minutes early at work and have extra time even for unforeseen instances.”

– Trizhia Marie Miranda/ Junior Writer 3 and SEO On-Page Specialist, DCM

Need to complete your checklist? Here are more punctuality tips and reminders from one of our constant Perfect Attendance awardees. I-lista mo na, bes!

“Prepare the things you need the night before. Place them in a specific area of your room na madali mong makikita. Set your time early, go to work 30 minutes or 1 hour early, and lastly, avoid procrastination.”

– Kris Buhay/ Multimedia Specialist, DCM

Sometimes, we forget to consider the outside factors that’s why no matter how hard we try to be on time, we still end showing up late. Let our Perfect Attendance Awardee for 6 YEARS AND A HALF share you an important aspect among all our punctuality tips from now on.

“Anticipate the barriers that might prevent you from going to work on time. Even if you leave your home early, there are unforeseen circumstances that could hinder your way, especially if you’re a commuter. These setbacks include transport strike, traffic jam, parade, road construction project, road altercation, accident, high volume of passengers, slow movement of the vehicles, and the need to refuel in the gas station. As a commuter, you’d experience any or all of these in a day, no matter how early you wake up and organized your routine is. Hence, you should always be prepared and alert so you’d make it to your work ahead of time.”

– Menard Duria/ Senior Writer and Social Media Coordinator, DCM

P.S. Yes, bes. As in 6 years and a half STRAIGHT. Walang mintis, oha?

It’s also better to discipline yourself not because of the rewards, but as a training to be more responsible.

“To aim a Perfect Attendance Award is to always remember that punctuality is showing commitment to everything you do even without receiving awards.”

– Zorayda Alvarez/ Writer, CDD

Or simply to mold yourself into a reliable professional and individual.

“Make it a routine to leave at a time you know you’ll be able to arrive on time—if not for incentives, then as a testament of your character.”

– Caselyne Anastacio/ Web Developer, WDD

If you think setting your time early won’t work, just remember among these quality tips here’s a trick: it’s all in your mind. Isipin mo on-time pa rin ‘yung bago mong oras hanggang sa masanay ka na.

“I-set mo ‘yung clock mo ng mga at least 30 minutes early. Pero ‘wag mo itatatak sa isip mo na maaga mo na sinet yung time mo kasi useless din siya. Long-term trick ko na ‘to lalo na pag medyo na-late ako ng alis sa bahay. Makakarating pa rin ako sa work nang maaga kasi maaalala ko maaga nga pala yung nai-set kong time. Kailangan lang i-treat mo ‘yung new time mo sa clock na normal lang, kasi if iisipin mo na “Ay okay lang ‘yan, 30 minutes early naman ‘to.” Walang mangyayari. Male-late ka parin.”

– Jonnah Dela Cruz/ Digital Content Specialist, DCM

Minsan, kaya ka lang tinatamad gumising kasi puyat ka nung kinagabihan. Start to hit the sack early para mas madali sa’yo bumangon ng maaga kinabukasan.

“Do not stay up too late spending the rest of the night watching T.V. or playing a game on your cell phone/tablet or computer. Try to reschedule other personal activities in the weekends or go home early after work. It’s good to have a long sleep after a workday. Our eyes deserve to rest too.”

– Briton Belarmino/ Business Process Associate, DRT

P.S. Unique tip from all the punctuality tips we’ve gathered: it’s better to have 8 hours of sleep than depend on 8 cups of coffee!

Lastly, always remember na mas okay nang dumating sa work nang maaga, at least may time pa para magpahinga kaysa sa late na nga dumating, pagod pa sa paghabol sa oras.

“Usually every morning nag a-alarm ako ng 5:00 A.M. (2 hours ahead sa time ng office hours) kasi ang preparation time ko is 1 hour included na ‘yung breakfast, ligo, at pagbibihis. Kaya 6:00 A.M dapat paalis na ko sa bahay kasi as per my calculation 30 to 45 mins. ‘yung byahe ko. Pagdating ko ng office, meron pa kong 15 mins. para i-condition ‘yung sarili ko sa gagawin kong trabaho.”/em>

– Arcel Jessica Pulmano/ Business Process Associate 1, DRT

Which among these punctuality tips you think would work best on you? Share your advice or tip to the comment section! If you think you’ve done these tips and still become late, baka kasi nakapag-adjust ka na sa trabaho.  Tag mo ang friends or ka-officemates mo, para ma-motivate niyo ang bawat isa!