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The Pros and Cons of Romantic Relationship in the Workplace

Perhaps you’ve been seeing heart-shaped decorations and flowers all over the office and you’ve been witnessing couples exchanging gifts. Well, yes, Valentine’s day is fast approaching and some of your “bitter” coworkers nag about being single. Soon enough, you will also find yourself asking “Nasaan na kaya ‘yung forever ko?” or even yell “Walang forever!” at a sweet pair next to your cubicle. However, how can workplace romance affect your job? Is dating a coworker better than stumbling upon whoever matches your Tinder profile?

If you are already crushing on someone in your office, get to know first the pluses and minuses of workplace romance.

The Ups and Downs of Workplace Romance


You’ll Understand Where Your Partner Is Coming From.

Most relationships fail due to misunderstandings and poor communication. A tough day at work seems reasonable to understand your partner. Besides, you can better comprehend his or her emotions and know how you can help him or her. You can console each other because you are on the same page.

You Become Motivated and Inspired to Go to Work.

Workplace romance seems to draw excitement and spread sweetness in the office. No one will ever look forward to another boring day in the office. Just the thought of seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend at work makes you excited.

You Can Monitor Each Other.

We all know how trust can build and wreck relationships. Some partners demand daily activity updates and monitor each other. That’s another point of a workplace romance. Checking and updating is easy plus you get to see him or her every day. Workplace relationships are easier to establish than having it outside the office.

You Bring Infectious Kilig in the Office.

You know how a simple asaran can bring laughter in the office. Thus, workplace romance gives your coworkers some fun while working. The loads of work may stress you out but there’s always a room to inject fun and romance in the workplace.

You Have Someone to Help You Out.

Everyone needs a little pump up at work. A workplace relationship boosts your self-confidence. So, if deadlines and tasks drain you, someone is ready to help. You could use some encouragement and time-off to ease your mind.


You Both Share the Same Work Frustrations.

Working in the same office can give you both equal pressure and stress. So, you may end up riling each other and stressing your life. You also tend to clash when you are both emotionally and physically drained.

You Lack Personal Space and Privacy.

Seeing your partner every day can be fun and all, but being around them all the time can sap the thrill. Lacking personal space can take its toll in your relationship. Office romance dangers include not being able to make lambingan moments since you might face criticisms or worse, you may breach some house rules regarding office romance.

You Fail to Focus and You Are Constantly Distracted.

Of course, having him around may kill your focus and your drive to finish your tasks. Enjoying his or her presence motivates you and boosts your productivity, however, how much actual work effort are you devoting? You may lose track of time and may forget to submit your report when you put more time in dabbling in. The downside of workplace romance reflects on how you meet your deadlines and how you perform your responsibilities. Break up and quarrels are another reasons to slack off and underperform.

You May Feel Judged.

If you don’t like too much attention from your department, you must avoid hopping into a workplace romance. Judgmental people love “chismis” and exert effort to dip in your personal life. When you start dating a coworker, you must brace yourself for the consequences of workplace romance.

a workplace romance while sipping a coffee

Brush up your knowledge on the company’s rules and regulations. Before diving into a workplace romance relationship, consider the limitations first. You must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a workplace romance. If you want to pursue a romantic relationship in the office, consider the repercussions and rules.

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