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Seven Must-Read Competitor Blogs on Web Design Trends

With the virtual world changing fast, companies and web developers must cope with trends to keep a strong online presence. This comes during a time when search engines were under the control of solid yet mysterious online search results. If you’re a web developer, you sure know how web design affects a site’s page ranking. One of the best ways to get hints on the latest industry trends come from top web development blogs.
By reading your competitor’s write-ups, you’ll learn more on modern websites and the secrets of successful ones.

Top Web Development Blogs to Read

A List Apart

A go-to place for “people who make websites,” this blog site offers thorough information on web standards and practices. The home page features newly published entries from dozens of writers that involve various topics such as design, content strategy, code, procedure, industry, and browsers.

By going through featured blogs, you can learn more on web typography, hiring a content strategist, and questions to ask your clients on their design needs.

Smashing Magazine

In its articles under the Design category, readers can widen their knowledge of principles, user interface design, web design itself, and other related topics.

An article published on September 7, 2016 talked of visual inspirations and graphic styles that web developers can use in creating a site.

Inspect Element

If you’re looking for different design techniques, Tom Kenny is the right person to ask. His web development blogs, a few case studies, share vital points to help others learn how to make great designs.

In each case study, Tom gives his take on the design and actual feel of the site that serves as guide to future designers.

David Walsh Blog

The site’s most popular topics range from programming languages, to open-source content management systems, to operating systems.

At the time of research, the blog site features Ember.js, a tool for building modern web apps.

Alex Sexton

He makes it easy for average readers to understand topics on JavaScript by using simple terms. His recent posts discuss front-end performance, JavaScript application, and productivity cycle. By reading his blogs, you may learn and master web hacking.

Coding Horror

If you’re in to software engineering tasks and want to learn more, read Jeff Atwood’s blogs. On this site, he offers great insights on web programming.

Go through lengthy scrolls and read Jeff’s recent entries on Raspberry Pi, x86 gaming, and Wi-Fi storage.

Specky Boy

This online mag talks of web design, with articles coming from various authors.

Read the site’s blogs and widen your knowledge on a range of topics. Random posts speak of the best color palettes for websites, ultra-minimal web design use, and ways to shun poor design ideas.

These blog pages make great guides when you’re into web development. Take their tips to heart and succeed in your web designing endeavors.
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