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The Dos and Don’ts You Need to Follow to Improve Your Blog

Your blog stinks!” That is a line businesses would not want to hear. It has already been established that blogging is an important part of a marketing strategy to establish a brand’s reputation and garner prospective clients. But the big problem is, most blogs are sinking and underperforming.

So how does a business go about salvaging its blog and attracting its target audience?

Here’s a simple “Do and Don’t” list that can turn your single-digit follower to a huge group of loyal readers who drive traffic to your site like crazy:

…Show Some Personality.

Let them know that there is a real person responsible for the blog. Develop your own voice, share your opinions, and inject a little wit into your writing.

…Get Readers’ Attention with Amazing Headlines.

Have netizens clicking on your article by catching their attention with interesting and curiosity-raising titles and headlines.

…Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly.

A huge number of people now access the internet with their mobile phone and tablets. Ensure that your blog can fit any screen size for easier viewing and better user experience.

…Connect with Your Readers by Responding to Comments.

According to Quicksprout, 24% of people come back to a blog if they have a relationship with the blogger. Meaning, he/she responds to comments left on posts.

…Share Stories.

Real life stories relatable to your content topic can captivate an audience when done right.

…Feature Guest Bloggers/Writers.

Get the attention of other bloggers’ loyal followers with guest blogs or blogger spotlights. This will guarantee a boost in traffic.

…Write for People and Not for Google.

Google loves who people love. Write with value to entertain and educate people; the page rank will follow.

…Do Without a Marketing Strategy.

Writing great content without a clear idea of how to let people know about it is [almost] a waste of time. Establish a clear content marketing strategy before you start typing.

…Provide Outdated, Unoriginal, and Low-Quality Content.

Stop recycling and rewording content from other websites and start crafting content that is uniquely yours. Offer users something new and of value.

…Forget About How Your Readers Can Connect and Share.

Place your social share buttons somewhere your guests can easily see them. Make sure you have—at bare minimum—all the basic sites, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

…Make Your Call to Action Invisible.

Let your audience be involved and prompt them to take action by adding clear and visible call to actions. Like the share buttons, make sure it’s easily noticeable.

…Create Boring Introductions for Your Posts.

Make your readers want more with a strong introduction that will cause them to read on and finish your content.

…Be Inconsistent on Posting Schedules.

Unless you want to kill your blog’s audience, produce content regularly and consistently.

There are numerous articles out there that teaches anyone who wants to learn how to write a blog post. But the challenge starts once you want to make more out of blogging. So follow the dos and don’ts we’ve provided and you’ll be on your merry way to “Conversion-ville”.

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