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Right Way to Manage Customer Complaints on Social Media

There’s no such thing as a perfect brand. We all make mistakes one way or another and that results to negative feedback from customers. The trick here lies on how you handle these complaints in the most professional and efficient way possible.
Document it
If someone posts something bad about your brand, take a screen capture of it. This serves as a safety measure in the event that the issue escalates.
Do Not Delete
Deleting negative comments makes you look defensive, unprofessional, and guilty. Not to mention how aggravated your customer will be to have you brush off what he/she said. However, you can block users and delete their comments if they are abusing your site. (i.e. promotion of unrelated products, racist statements, pornographic material, etc.)
Address it Quickly
In the world of social network, word travels fast. Respond swiftly and appropriately to issues; the longer you delay the more damage it can do.
Check with Others
If you don’t know how to address a complaint, ask someone who does. Don’t try to solve something you have no knowledge of because it might do more damage than good.
Be Calm, Professional, and Smart
Remember that you are on social media. Every answer you give will have an effect on the brand’s image. Analyze a user’s comment; is it genuine or does it look like an attempt to pick a fight? If it’s the latter, then just do as Elsa did in Frozen and let it go.
Sincerely Apologize if it is Your Company’s Error
Apologizing shows that your company is responsible and sincere. But keep in mind that there is such a thing as overdoing it. Apologizing too much might give the impression that your brand constantly makes mistakes.
Set the Right Tone
If the usual tone of your posts is pleasant, friendly, and positive, followers will engage with you in the same way. Avoid sounding like a know-it-all because people will feel the need to prove you wrong.
Respond Publicly but Keep the Actual Conversation Private
It’s important to let the public know that you’re doing something to address an issue. You can do this by tweeting or replying to a comment with, “I look forward to helping you. Can you send me a message so I can help you?” Once the problem has been resolved, go back to the stream where the complaint was stated and comment with, “Thank you for letting us know. I hope we were able to resolve the issue for you.”
Think of Easy Ways Customers Can Reach You Regarding Complaints
To avoid them ranting in public, you should come up with a way customers can easily reach you regarding their concerns. Make sure you follow through with your promise to respond efficiently, though.
Keep a Close Eye on Your Social Media Accounts
Use services that immediately alert you of posts and tweets about your brand. This allows you to act quickly if there are issues your company must resolve.
Social media monitoring is crucial to your brand’s continuous success. By using these tips, you can effectively handle negative commentary and become a beacon of excellent customer service.
Source: Business2Community, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences