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Management Fee

Monthly Charge Per Staff

Salary – This is the base salary of your offshore staff. You can discuss this further with your chosen staff during the transaction process.
Benefits – We provide your offshore staff with governmental and company benefits, which form part of their entire compensation package.
Management Fee – This covers operational expenses for delivering our offshore outsourcing services, which include:
  • Office – FilWeb Asia holds office in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines. Laguna is one of the closest provinces to Manila, which offers ready access to major and key business locations in the country. Large and multinational companies are also located in Laguna. The offices of FilWeb Asia offer a fully professional work environment, complete with all the needed equipment, and technological tools and infrastructures.
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Infrastructure – We deploy and equip the workstations of all our staff with high-speed Internet connection, shared telephone lines, and high specifications, LCD screen desktop computer supported by our basic software packages such as Windows Vista, Protection Suite, and Open Office.
  • Information Technology (IT) and Technical Support – We have a reliable team of IT and technical support personnel in charge of troubleshooting every technical concern to ensure real time delivery of our products and services and continuous, efficient operation.
  • Human Resource (HR) Management – Our HR team handles all areas of offshore staff management, which include, but are not restricted to, performance, career growth and development initiatives, and employee relations.

Other Pricing Options

  • Production-based
    – Offering cost saving benefit and efficiency, production-based pricing is ideal for projects that can be easily monitored and gauged such as data processing and article writing. In this pricing option, the number of articles or the batches for data processing will be quantified as a production unit. The number of production units delivered will then be the basis for compensation.
  • Fixed price
    – This is a low-risk and cost-effective pricing option, perfect for both small scale and large scale projects. With fixed project price options, you can determine early on how much your project costs, while giving you the opportunity to budget your expenses. Among the projects that you can set on a fixed price are graphic and web designs.
  • Cost-based
    – When you are outsourcing large and complex projects, cost-based pricing will certainly work for you. We’ll have everything prepared for you in meeting your specifications, including manpower and infrastructure. Add to these the management fee and you’ll have the rough estimate for choosing a cost-based pricing for your project. Every cent will be fully disclosed to you.

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