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Call Center Agent Manual: How to Manage Rude Customers

As we deliver virtual assistant services, our customer service representatives have served several clients. They are nice and pleasant, yet a handful of them are plain offensive and impossible. Here’s how we are to handle rude customers.


How to Handle Rude Customers



1. Never lose your cool.

Stay cool, calm, and collected, always. Keep your cool no matter how discourteous rude customers are. Losing your temper will only make matters worse and even result to your termination. Likewise, take deep breaths and imagine something, somewhere, or someone that will quiet your emotions.

2. Don’t take the anger personally.

Remember that the client is not angry with you. He/she is displeased with your product or service or had other expectations. Again, keep calm and focus on resolving the issue with rude customers than thinking of your wounded pride and feelings.

3. Probe the real issue.

Though difficult, listen and try to understand the real problem beneath the screaming and anger of rude customers. Instead of making comments on the issue, ask questions to show you’re not resisting his/her outbursts. In a polite and calm manner, ask questions that may help you realize the cause of the problem.

4. Empathize with the customer.

Although empathizing with someone who’s offensive or aggressive may be difficult, it often is the perfect tactic to pacify rude customers. Thus, show you understand his/her feelings and you’re willing to work with him/her to resolve the issue. This can lessen the tension.

5. Apologize politely.

Whether the complaint is valid or inappropriate, you should apologize politely if you wish to keep rude customers. It doesn’t matter if he/she deserves it, what’s important is you’re attempting to resolve the issue and are expressing regret for the inconvenience.

6. Find a solution.

After learning the reason for the outburst, offer a solution. You can ask these rude customers what he/she thinks must be done or suggest convincing answers. Often, a perfect solution or a quick response is what the client wishes.

7. Unwind once the outburst stopped.

Once the problem is resolved, or the client has eased off, freshen up and unwind. If possible, get fresh air, have coffee, or mind something that will calm your thoughts after a tense, upsetting experience.

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