How Using Memes Can Benefit Digital Marketers

Who doesn’t like a good meme? It’s funny, engaging, and a darn good marketing strategy. But did you know that memes have different kinds? Here’s a bit of background:

There are different types of memes. We have…

Photo Memes: These are pictures of people mimicking a trendy position or action.


horizontal collage of funny pnakings

…and the Duck Face

horizontal collage of funny duck faces

Image Memes: People are most familiar with this type of meme. They are also called “macros”, and these are recognizable images with funny or sarcastic captions.


You can’t possibly say you’ve never seen any one of these pictures with a funny caption before.

Video Memes: These are moving pictures commonly knows as GIFs. Usually taken from movies, TV shows, and funny home videos, it gives “a face” to what you’re trying to say.

Control your emotions
Cat Fell

Meme Faces: These are the “derps” or stick men with ridiculous facial expressions.

Word Memes: A hashtag is technically considered a word meme as anyone can add a category, punchline, topic, or expression to an online post.


How Can it Help Marketers?

Memes, in nature, are funny, and humor is always a great tool to engage people. Marketers can use humor to connect with people on a real level, which not a lot of methods can do. It’s also no secret that people digest images faster than they do words. So instead of relaying information in a long, boring fashion, Marketers can integrate memes to make contents more engaging and entertaining.

It’s a digital marketer’s job to think outside the box and be creative to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Make sure you’re always on top of industry trends and know what appeals to your audience.

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