FilWeb Asia's Christmas Party 2017 group picture

Heroes and Villains Invade FilWeb Asia’s Christmas Party 2017

FilWeb Asia’s Christmas Party 2017, held on December 16, 2017 was indeed a fun-filled night to cap off the prosperous year for FilWeb Asia Inc. The company held its much-anticipated year-end party at The Monochrome Events Place in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa. It outdid itself with this year’s “Heroes and Villains” theme, proving once again its merit at throwing epic parties. FilWebers were dressed to the nines in their costumes as superheroes and supervillains for the night. Adding to the good food and excitement, special hosts Negi and Pepay of Laffline Comedy Bar filled the venue with giggles and laughter as they throw jokes and banters at each other.

Acoustic Performances

During the dinner, talented FilWebers serenaded everyone with their acoustic renditions of popular songs. Real-life love birds Jonnah dela Cruz and Gabriel Salazar sang the love songs “Oh, Pag-ibig” and “Terrified.” FilWeb’s very own crooner, John Martin Pareja, with his guitarist Gabriel Lebue, made the ladies swoon with his version of “More Than Words” and a special acoustic mash-up of pop hits.

FilWeb Asia Gab and Jonnah
FilWeb’s power couple Jonnah and Gab serenade the crowd with sweet acoustic music.
John Martin Pareja Serenades the Audience
FilWeb Asia’s very own Captain Jack Sparrow, John Martin Pareja, hypes the crowd with a medley of this year’s top hits. He’s joined by his fellow Pirates of the Carribean’s Koleniko, Gab Lebue.
FilWeb Asia Gab and Nicca
DCM’s Nicca Adornado makes the audience scream for her great song number. Beside her is Mr. Gabriel Salazar, who serves as her guitarist.

Nicca Adornado and Jean Arahan also performed in FilWeb Asia’s Christmas Party 2017, as they collaborated with their guitarists Gabriel Salazar and Rodel Santos, respectively. Last, Paulo Mercado, Jaemeelyn Capili, Aldwin Almario, and Karl Combite hyped the crowd with their sultry number singing a mash-up of “Smooth” and “Havana,” as well as the hits “Chasing Cars” and “Closer.”

FilWeb Asia Rodel and Jean
Ms. Jean Arahan showcases her impeccable singing voice with her great song pieces. Beside her is Mr. Rodel Santos, who surprises the audience whenever he serves as second voice while strumming his guitar.
FilWeb Asia Team Flexi
Wearing their Lord of the Rings outfits, Paulo Mercado, Jaymee Capili, Karlzen Paul P. Combite, and Aldwin Almario, excite the audience with their exceptional song numbers.

FilWebers Turned Cosplayers

Heroes and villains from comics, fiction books, and the silver screen graced center stage. It was a sight to behold for comic fans! Strutting in their elaborate costumes, employees walked the runway and struck their signature poses. Career Development Department’s (CDD) Team Diana, Team Topher and Support Team portrayed Marvel Comics’ Avengers. The Force was strong with CDD’s Team Jhoi, Team Rae, and PR Team as they unleashed their inner Sith and Jedi. Team Outsource Philippines (OP) and Account Management Team (AMT) played DC Comics’ Justice League.

Team Avengers
Team Avengers (Career Development Department’s Team Diana, Team Topher and Support Team)
Team Star Wars
Team Star Wars (Career Development Department’s Team Jhoi, Team Rae, and PR Team)
FilWeb Asia Team Justice League
Team Justice League (Outsource-Philippines and Account Management Team)

Digital Content and Marketing (DCM), Creative, and MIS Department joined forces to form the super mutant team X-Men. Web Development Department (WDD), Data Research Team (DRT), and Creative/Digital Marketing made the audience shiver their timbers with their depiction of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Team Flexi dressed in grand ensemble brought Middle Earth to The Monochrome with their portrayal of The Lord of the Rings.

FilWeb Asia Team X-men
Team X-Men (Digital Content and Marketing (DCM), Creative, and MIS Department )
Team Lord of the Rings
Team Lord of the Rings (Flexi Department)
FilWeb Asia Team Pirates
Team Pirates of the Caribbean (Web Development Department (WDD), Data Research Team (DRT), and Creative/Digital Marketing)

Heroes and Villains Dance the Hits

The main attraction of the event was the inter-department dance competition. To the tune of popular hits of the 80s to the present, FilWebers showed their moves and choreography on the dance floor.

Team Justice League Peformance
#HeroesAndVillainsDancetheHits contender Team Justice League takes us back in time with the hits Macarena, Mambo No. 5, Choo Choo Train, and Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.
Team Avengers Performance
The Avengers, composed of writers, customer support reps, TLs, and head from the Career Development Deparment, groove to their assigned dance hits “Always,” “Soulja Boy,” “Twerk It Like Miley,” and “Single Ladies.”
Team Star Wars Performance
The First Galactic Empire’s iconic Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers dance to the beat of “Shalala lala,” “Teach Me How to Dougie,” and “Gangnam Style.”
Team X-Men Performance
Team X-men unleashes their inner mutants as they give a powerful dance performance of “24k Magic,” “Sex Bomb,” “Despacito,” and “Nobody’s Better.”
Team Lord of the Rings Performance
From Michael Jackson’s epic “Thriller,” Wondergirls’ “Nobody,” and Dawin’s “Jumpshot” to 90’s all-time fave “Tootsie Roll,” the Hobbits prove they are ready to rule the dance floor.
Team Pirates Performance
Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew allured and made everyone’s (especially women’s) head spin in awe with their jaw-dropping interpretation of the songs “Locomotion”, MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” and Sak Noel & Salvi’s “Trumpets.”

Each team gave the judges a hard time picking the winner. In choosing the top groups, the judges had to score and check on the participants’ costumes and props, execution, teamwork, musicality, and audience impact. Sitting with FilWeb Asia’s CEO Mr. Larry Mercado, the panel of judges composed of Mestiza Restaurant’s owner Carlos Maravilla, Architect Rick Martinez, and CIIT College of Arts and Technology President Mr. Sherwin O. Based from all the cheers and applause from their audience, each performance was stunning and funfilled.
Sir Larry with Judges

FilWeb Asia’s Christmas Party 2017 Grand Raffle Draw

Aside from the dance contest, FilWebers have been looking forward to the yearly raffle draw. Thousand pesos-worth of gift certificates, household appliances, and gadgets were at stake. The hosts could not help but express their awe at the company’s extravagance in showering their employees with huge prizes.
Winners of the major prizes from the Red Tag Raffle for new FilWeb employees were Kenneth Miranda, Joshrel Sanga, and Nicole Romo. Jessica Ebriega of the Career Development Department went home with the grand prize, the Giveaway Bundle, which consists of induction cooker, toaster, box fan, microwave, and kettle.
Rodel Santos, Junjen Acuemo, Pamela Flores, Arvin Cervantes, Albert Alon-alon, and Edmon Valleda were the lucky tenured employees who took home major raffle prizes from the Gold Tag Raffle. Digital Content and Marketing’s Joanne Gonzales bagged the grandest raffle prize of all, the Yuletide Bundle, which consists of a 45” television, refrigerator, and DVD player.

Surprise Mob Dance from FilWeb Employees
Capping off Saturday night’s #ChristmasParty, several tenured and new FilWeb Asia employees unite and surprise the audience with a very special performance.

Announcement of Winners and Special Awards

Team Flexi won the “Best in Costume” (Team Category) along with a P5,000 cash prize. Without a doubt, their cinematic catwalk routine won the hearts of the audience and the judges.

Best in Costume Group - Team Flexi
Flaunting their magical and mystical Lord of the Rings costumes, Team Flexi grabbed the most coveted Best in Costume (Group) Award

John Martin Pareja, won Best in Costume (Individual Category). His portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow was perfect in every sense. From the costume to the captain’s weird quirks and antics, he was a crowd favorite and was in character all throughout the night.

John Martin Pareja - Best in Costume Individual
After showing off his Captain Jack Sparrow look and antics, John Martin Pareja is a unanimous choice for this year’s Best in Costume (Individual).

Judges also gave special awards for the best male and female dancers of the night. Best Male Dancer award went to Matt Joshua Albano from Team Flexi, while Rosalinda Aribal from the Account Management Team won the Best Female Dancer. The crowd went wild when the hosts announced that the prize pot for the dance contest also got bigger. The 2nd and 1st runners up got an additional P2,500, while the grand winner took home an additional P5,000.

Rosalinda Aribal Best Female Dancer
Surprise Award for Best Dancer (Female) goes to Account Management Team’s Rosalinda Aribal
Matt Albano Best Male Dancer
Flexi’s Matthew Josh Albano bags the surprise award for Best Dancer (Male).

When it was time to announce the winners of the dance contest, employees crossed their fingers and wished good luck for their bets. Their action-packed and “kalas-balakang” performance won the Uncanny X-Men 2nd runner-up. They received a black trophy and total of P7,500 in cash. Getting P9,500 and a silver trophy, The Lord of the Rings won 1st runner up with their hair-raising, spooky yet sexy dance number. Six teams vied but only one rose to the top and became the champion in the end. After conquering the High Seas, The Pirates of the Caribbean prevailed and took home a golden trophy and the grand prize of P15,000. Non-winners did not go home empty-handed as each also went home with P2,000 as consolation prizes.

Second Runner Up Team X-Men
Second Runner Up – Team X-Men
First Runner Up - Lord of the Rings
First Runner Up – Team Lord of the Rings
Grand Champion Team Pirates
Grand Champion – Team Pirates of the Caribbean

“Maagang Pamasko” for a Fruitful and Prosperous Year

The cherry on top of the amazing night was the surprise announcement of FilWeb’s VP for Finance Ms. Alma Mercado, which drew loud cheers from the crowd. Commending the company for an exemplary performance for the whole year, Ma’am Alma was like Mrs. Santa Claus bringing a sack of gifts to excited kids. She brought news that made every FilWeber shout and jump for joy. With news of a generous Christmas bonus awaiting everyone, it felt like Christmas came early for all employees.

FilWeb Asia VP for Finance Alma Mercado
FilWeb Asia’s VP for Finance Mrs. Alma Mercado makes the surprise announcement.

Christmas Is All About Giving and Family

Once more, FilWeb Asia’s Christmas Party 2017 was a display of the company’s undeniable team spirit. The party’s theme was a challenging one, but each team managed to pull off even the most complicated characters. With each clap and cheer for support, staff felt the love and camaraderie they receive from each other. It is easy to say that FilWeb Asia has only not become more than just an employer to its employees, but also a warm and welcoming family that wishes everyone good tidings in the coming year.
FilWeb Asia Family 2017
FilWeb Asia's CEO Mr. Larry Mercado and Family