FilWeb Asia Halloween 2023

FilWeb Asia Celebrates Halloween 2023 — the Disney Way

It’s yet another Halloween season! Following the successful spooky party last year, FilWeb Asia opens its door to kids for this year’s Halloween 2023. The event took place at The Settings Events Place last October 27, 2023. The place was filled with dreamy and nostalgic characters and Disney decor.

FilWebers Opened Doors to Children

Each department was paired with a Disney cartoon-themed motif. Employees and kids were welcomed to the event to explore the whimsical setups.

It’s a wonderful experience, with both the kids and employees enjoying the youthfulness of the place. Not just that, they were able to connect with the timeless appeal of Disney cartoons, which have remained all-time favorites.

Halloween Booth Competition

The Disney films were brought to life in booths set up by each department. It was a tight competition because all the booths were equally impressive and meticulously crafted with great effort.

The excitement reached new heights during the “Design Your Own Booth” contest, which transformed Disney scenes into life. Despite the competition, all the departments joined hands to warmly welcome the adorable little guests.

Each booth has different trick-or-treat gimmicks that children have participated in. 

Finally, the most awaited announcement of the winners of the Booth Contest took place.
JuiceBox, with their Toy Story-themed booth, emerged as the overall winner. Following closely were AMT and DRT, themed after Tangled, and CDD and WD with an Encanto theme.

FilWeb Halloween Costume Competition: Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

FilWebers didn’t just prepare their booths; they also dressed up in character. To make it extra, employees were called to hit the floor for the “Costume Character Walk.”

It was thrilling to see the artistry in their costumes. The creative juices were all put together in coordination, resulting in a dazzling Disney-like atmosphere. What entertained everyone more was that even the kids were all dressed up.

Toy Story's Wheezy the Penguin reigned as the winner of Best Costume

The costumes all led to the ultimate question, “Who’s the fairest of them all?” And the crown was awarded to Menard Duria, who played Wheezy, the penguin from Toy Story. Truly, the JuiceBox team couldn’t help, but cheer.

The trick-or-treat celebration was enjoyed by both the employees and the children. The event beautifully blended the elements of brilliance, rapport, and inspiration, uniting the wonders of Disney and the culture of FilWeb Asia into a wonderful experience.