digital marketing trends of 2017

7 Digital Marketing Trends to Rule in 2017

With digital marketing never showing a sign of slowing down, online marketers and business owners must always keep up with the trends in the trade to reach their goals. If you want to boost your campaigns, you need to learn how other marketers gauge and predict which techniques will work well. What follows is a list of digital marketing trends you and other digital marketers can expect and use to thrive in 2017.

Leading Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

1. High quality, unique content Contents will still reign as king of digital marketing, at least in the coming years, although a few of them may not be great! Further, search algorithms will still favor distinct, high quality contents giving them higher points than copied and irrelevant ones. So, what’s trendy these days? Many marketers create interactive contents to help readers connect with the business or brand.

2. Video ads Clips that show ads are a staple in social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Still, other firms spend on pre-roll ads where a short clip (a few seconds in length) plays right before the actual video content plays. Both full-length and pre-roll techniques aim at reaching and winning the target market in a very interesting way; thus, turning fans into customers. What’s the latest with one of the most exciting digital marketing trends? Google has likewise entered the picture with its in-SERP (in search engine results page) video advertising service.

3. Live video streaming Facebook Live isn’t the pioneer of this “at-the-moment” feature. Live streaming has been active for a couple of years already. Then again, with more brands and users applying it, marketers think this trend will take off and rule the marketing schemes in 2017.

4. Mobile optimization The popularity of mobile gadgets grows each day. Further, forecasts tell that mobile usage won’t fall but will kill desktop usage, too. Hence, your online campaign must focus on having a mobile friendly web design that works well and looks good on any gadget.

5. Smart devices and wearable tech The birth of these modern products signals a new era in marketing. They’ve changed the way people relate with contents. Besides, they’ve transformed the whole marketing scene as people get the most awesome experience using such inventions.

6. Social media “buy” buttons Marketers see social media platforms as a new channel for conversion. Yes, online networking sites are turning into e-commerce sites, bit by bit, as they offer effective means and tools to change prospects into buyers. That’s why, expect to see “buy” buttons as you relate with your friends and connections.

7. Immersive experience content marketing What makes AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) a hit these days? Users choose them because they involve the senses while giving them a feel of “living at the moment.” Unlike other digital marketing trends, AR and VR give you the chance to “be part” of something bigger.

Learning these digital marketing trends meant learning client behavior on their buying decision. Thus, use this list as your guide in tailoring your approach. At any rate, one of the best ways to boost your campaigns is to build your online brand through social media, the future of marketing. So, if you can’t manage well, using any of the networking platforms, ask help from experts. FilWeb Asia’s social media marketing services can help boost your online presence using effective means.

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