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New Digital Marketing Terms You Should Add in Your Dictionary

New to digital marketing or can no longer understand what current jargon mean? With this field showing no sign of slowing down, digital marketers should know modern-day terminologies to keep up with the trends and eventually succeed. If you’re a business owner, social media marketer, or content marketer, you should familiarize yourself with the following list of new digital marketing terms and their definitions.

Digital Marketing Terms You Should Learn
Above the Fold

Derived from the field of print ad, this phrase refers to the upper portion of a webpage, shown once the page loads (without scrolling it down). This definition applies regardless of the device type, screen size, and page orientation.

Affiliate Marketing

It centers on the agreement between an advertiser (one who wishes to promote certain product/service) and a publisher (website owner). The scheme gives publisher payment for each click on the ad posted on publisher’s site leading or not to sale of the advertiser’s offer.


It is a set of rules and mathematical calculations, which search engines use in determining the relevance of websites for each search query, allowing them to decide on sites’ rankings. Each search engine has unique, “mysterious” algorithm.

Click-through Rate

As its name suggests, it refers to the percentage of online users who clicked on a given link at a particular period. The link may come in different forms, including those in site pages, emails, and banners.


It refers to the number of frequency or instance a certain sponsored ad appears on a webpage or an image appears through display advertising. The rate counts all appearances, whether or not the target audience interacts with or at least sees the ad.

Interstitial Ads

These are ads appearing in-between pages of a website, when a viewer navigates or clicks through pages.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword is among the many popular digital marketing terms that arose as the industry embraced search engine optimization. Keyword stuffing is the unethical practice of putting too many keywords into the content of a webpage with a goal to attract web crawlers. Since this is a black hat technique, search engine penalizes sites for this practice.

Meta Description

A tag displayed along with the title page on search engine results page, a meta description is a few lines of text that summarizes the content of a webpage. Best written with 150 characters or less, this is a sentence or two that also contains the target keyword.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

It is the process where one can update blogs, podcasts, and other contents and syndicate them subscribers in feeds. Through this technology, users can easily become subscribers allowing them to get updates and alerts whenever they become available. To receive updates, users need to have an RSS reader.

Rich Media

These are interactive forms of webpage ads, which include games, streaming video, quizzes, and ads with special effects.

Most digital marketing terms are common words or words mixed together to form a “clever” one, but that give new meaning to what we used to know. With this list of few modern digital marketing terms, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge about the recent trends in the industry. Now, if you really want to bolster your digital marketing campaign, better to conquer online networking sites. If you can’t strategize well with any of the social platforms, seek help from FilWeb Asia. The company offers social media marketing service that can build or heighten your brand, which can go viral in no time.

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