8 Struggles that Only Copy Editors Experience and Understand

People often stereotype copy editors as grammar nazis and nerdy professionals working inside their office cubicles. Despite their silence, however, they often find themselves smiling or laughing over some glaring errors they see. Yet, the happy faces they wear, so far, just hide the real struggles only they themselves can understand. So, if you’re a copy writer, editor, or a proofreader, you can relate to this list of copy editor struggles.

Copy Editor’s Struggles to Endure

1. Your eyes can’t keep staring at the words in the title, rather those with the first letter written in the wrong cases.
Editors are particular with capitalization and text casing that they think these are basic knowledge among all. In addition, they can spot words that are wrongly lower-cased or upper-cased at once. However, the truth is most writers aren’t too meticulous when it comes to capitalization despite the rules and guidelines.

2. You’re trying to narrow down a story that has too much information.
Like anyone else, copy editors also have a hard time working to build and shorten sentences into broken pieces. Finding and explaining the news value of a story or the “nut graph” is what a copy editor may rather struggle with while doing his or her task.

3. You’re confused that the write-up contains words that use English spelling variants.
American, British, or Canadian English? Copy editors don’t just differentiate them. They rather use them perfectly. In fact, errors that point to the use and consistency in writing English are common among non-natives. In particular, this issue concerns most copy editors.

4. You’re going crazy with how others use similar sounding words interchangeably.
Seeing “its” instead of “it’s”? How about reading “there,” “their,” and “they’re” and you think you’re reading the sentence wrongly? So far, editors are used to these errors. In fact, they don’t need excuses to justify these mistakes. Likewise, copy editors have no time to explain the differences between these homophones.

5. You don’t easily forgive when it comes to spaces.
Further, the lack of space to split two words and two or more spaces that separate words are what copy editors struggle with while working on write-ups. Therefore, they must have keen eyes to spot these issues that affect readability.

6. You’re afraid that the absence or presence of a punctuation mark may kill you.
As a copy editor, at length, you’re careful with using any punctuation mark because you don’t want to risk the lives of others or your own life. How or why? Copy editors dislike phrases such as “Let’s eat grandma” or “Hi, Kaye.”

7. You’ve changed “i.e.” to “e.g.” or vice versa, and you feel you’re better at Latin terms.
Admit it or not, many writers are still unaware on how to use these terms or rather have trouble remembering to use both when drafting a sentence. In the same way, this disappoints you and all editors. Right?

8. You aren’t sure if the word is correct or it just fits.
Typos such as placing “lightning” instead of “lightening”, can be right at times, based on the context or thought of the sentence. Well, this issue is yet another problem for editors.

Many copy editors’ struggles exist. However, top quality contents can help ease your trouble and burden while you enjoy doing your tasks. If you know someone looking for tailored writing and research services, you can point them to FilWeb Asia.