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The Perks of Working in the BPO Industry

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The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has become one of the major contributors to the Philippines’ GDP, second to the remittances of the country’s overseas workers. With strong support from the government, the growth projection of this trade will continue in the coming years. If you want to know the perks of having a career in BPO, check out the list below.

Perks of Having a Career in BPO

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Stable Career

Although the layoff and turnover percentage are quite high in BPO jobs, you don’t need to worry. Businesses are always finding ways how to reduce operational costs and outsourcing is the prime piece to that puzzle. Also, BPO firms need to hire staff ceaselessly to meet the increasing project demands. So if you have diverse experience, you won’t be vacant for long. You can even get more lucrative offers from other firms while you’re still employed.

Competitive Pay

The compensation in this field is often above the market average, plus the added night differential and “by the second” overtime pay computation. Aside from the mandatory 13th month pay, some BPO firms provide extra bonuses and incentives to the top performers.
But if you’re still short on cash, you can apply for a loan. Your chances of getting approved is high because your income is bigger compared to non-BPO employees.

Career Growth Opportunities

Setting aside great pay, working in the BPO industry allows you to wear different hats. From customer service to design and development, from writing to data processing, it’s all under one roof. As the company grows, they train existing workers for leadership posts and hire new staff to replace vacant primary positions. This means you can acquire new skills and gain experience while working for the same firm.

Social Progress and Global Exposure

Why choose BPO? Because in this field, the higher you rank, the closer you’ll get to the clients. Since most are from multinational firms based abroad, you’ll be exposed to their culture, business models, and etiquette. You can also enjoy the chance of meeting, learning, and working with people with various fortes from around the world.

So Why Work in a BPO Company?

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Though risky, pursuing a career in BPO remains advantageous—gains are more evident. Working in Filweb Asia Inc., a BPO company in Laguna, can help you learn the best and current practices in this trade. For more details about our vacancies, check out our careers page.
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  1. Having a career in the BPO industry is a real thing now. What’s great with it is that it is available for everyone to get into. The only background that matters is how hard you work and you’re instantly welcome in the BPO industry. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The good thing about BPO is that they accept and give chance to everyone. Even those people who doesn’t have any experience and undergraduate.

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