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3 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Content Writer for Your Firm

These days, finding the best content writer is hard although thousands of experts are out there eager to show their skills and talent. Content writing helps a business in many forms. To help you, we’ve compiled the best means from the web and came up with three simple steps to finding the best content writer for your firm. Read to discover more.

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Three Steps in Finding the Best Content Writer Fit for Your Business

1. Locate potential writers.

Search on social media and advertisements. You may think of in-house talents, too, and friends’ referrals. In today’s advent of technology, social media has a powerful referral source in hiring the best content writers.

Social networks and ads

Hunt for the best content writer by searching in networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.

LinkedIn – start with the people you’re acquainted with to avoid fake writers who will stuff unwanted links into your articles. Search for terms such as “content marketer,” “copywriter” or “writer” and wait for LinkedIn to show connections that create the content you need. You can join groups of writers, too, and ask for advice from other employers that conquered the same issues you’re wrestling with now.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ – write a post on your blog, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and ask your friends and workers to do the same. Make the most simple and easy for the prospects to contact you. Try, “Want to write for us? Email [email protected] or call 800-123-4567 for details.”

In-house talents
Ask around if anyone in your firm enjoys writing and can take on a few write-ups every month. Nothing is less motivational for your workers than to witness you outsource the talent they got.

You ask from friends when you’re searching for babysitters, tutors, and restaurants. Why not do the same? Ask people within your network if they’ve worked with a content writer before, and they may serve you a skilled wordsmith on a silver platter.

2. Assess them.

Finding potential writers is only half the battle. Assess them and make sure you’re hiring real people and not bogus writers who may work for personal gain.

First step: Enter the writer’s name on Google and see what you’ll find. Assess their profile and their work. If their writing style fits your brand, ask if they are freelance by contacting them by phone or email.

Beware of these red flags:

  • No Google results
  • A common name (making it difficult to find them)
  • Accounts on sites you can’t and don’t trust (such as spam or hacker sites)
  • Inconsistent details, different ages, varying start and end dates in companies, etc.

Second step: Right-click the image on the social profile you will find on Google or the photo they send and click “Search Google for this image.” When a person applies to write for you, whether paid or just guest posting, ask them to send a profile picture. A fake writer can choose a common name to throw you off your game, but they will pick a photo from somewhere.

Third step: Read their write-ups. Choose someone who knows the tricks to get and keep the reader’s attention throughout an article. He or she should know how to create a good headline, a solid opening, and compelling sub-headlines.

3. Get started.

After checking their career experience, client testimonials, and other vital information, contact the writer you prefer. Email your prospect or call if he/she gave his/her contact number.

It takes time to find and hire the best content writer, but worth the hassle to protect your brand. Be patient and look for red flags. Fake writers and content farms aren’t good at hiding what they’re doing. Just take time to inspect.

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