Revive Your Creative Mojo with These Cool Graphic Design Gadgets

Have you been losing your creative mojo lately? Refuel your drive and re-entice your artistic soul with these awesome graphic design gadgets that will surely restore the dying artist in you.

Awesome Graphic Design Gadgets

1. Moleskine’s Smart Writing Kit

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This smart writing kit lets you digitize the way you record and share ideas on a notebook. It bridges the gap between analog and digital and allows you to transfer your doodles into your device. The kit comes with a tablet-like notebook and a special pen that can scribble, capture, and transfer notes into an app real-time.


2. Foldio2

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You can turn any place into your own studio with Foldio. Its simple foldable magnetic structure will allow you to set up the studio quickly and easily. It has a powerful LED light strip with a built-in dimmer to control the brightness based on your needs. It also comes with a diffuser that helps decrease the object’s shadow to enhance the photo’s quality.


3. Website Stencil Kit

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This awesome stencil tool can make your UI wireframing a breeze. It can help you hash out your ideas on paper first and speeds along the process by helping you quickly create tabs, icons, sliders, and other standard UI elements.


4. Huion L4S LED Light Pad 

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This super thin, A4-sized light pad is one of the perfect graphic design gadgets for keen amateurs and pro artists alike. With its eyesight-protecting feature, it allows comfy sketching and drawing. You just simply connect it to your PC via built-in USB port.


5. Pogo Connect 2 

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This advanced stylus comes with six switchable tips for everything from fine lines to dynamic brush strokes. Well-matched with various iPad models, it also boasts features like the built-in bluetooth beacon to help you find lost pens.


6. Microsoft Surface Studio

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With its strikingly large 28” display, Surface Studio is surely one of the wishlist-worthy graphic design gadgets you would like to have. Besides helping you transform the way you create art, its minimal and modern design will sit perfectly on your desk, with clean lines and a small footprint.


7. 3Doodler 

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Whether you are a hobbyist or a pro, this 3D printing pen can unleash your potentials and keep pace with your versatility. It extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure. From fine art and DIY maker projects to scale models and decorative items, the possibilities are boundless.


8. Wi-Fi Scanner Wand

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Scanning ideas and tools on the go will never be a pain in your neck anymore thanks to Wi-Fi Scanner Wand. This cordless, pocket-sized device can create high-res e-copies with up to 900 dpi. You can connect it to your home or office Wi-Fi network and export files in both JPEG and PDF format. Its microSD card slot allows up to 32GB of extra space and works with two AA batteries that you can recharge anytime.

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