8 Simple Things Copywriters Wish Their Clients Knew

Our outsourced copywriters already dealt with several clients, from good to bad ones, with their years of experience in the field. They got tons of complaints but never expressed them to clients (of course, we’re still sane). Hence, if you want to have a smooth and honest working relationship with your copywriter, make sure you’re aware of these things before you hire one.

What Outsourced Copywriters Want You to Know
1. We don’t simply tweak a copy.

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Every word, phrase, and sentence in the copy came from extensive research. Thus, you can’t expect us to alter “a few parts” because they must sound bigger, better, or more professional.

2. A copy has no fixed length.

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A copy is complete or incomplete and effective or ineffective. Likewise, word count varies depending on your brand’s needs. No matter how long or short, users will still read your copy if it answers their questions, squash their objections, or relates to what they’re trying to find.

3. You can’t target “anyone”.

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You can’t expect us to create a copy that attracts everybody or anyone. It needs to reach specific people with definite problems to be effective. So, before you hire outsourced copywriters, identify first your ideal customers.

4. Copywriting isn’t something anyone can do.

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Copywriting isn’t a pastime you can squeeze in when you’re not busy running your business, checking emails, or posting to your social media accounts. We’re more than just time-savers. Then again, if you can research, confirm, write, and proofread while talking to rude clients in your spare time, you won’t need us.

5. Removing a paragraph won’t save you a dime.

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As said earlier, every part of your copy came from extensive research. We write it as a whole, so you pay the same way. Deleting a paragraph or two won’t lessen the price. Rather, it will only make the copy incomplete and senseless.

6. We do expect your prompt response and inputs.

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It’s not our website and brand, so you can’t expect us to decide on the content by ourselves. In addition, outsourced writers send questionnaires and ask your opinion to get inputs and lessen revisions. If you don’t respond on time, we might not finish your project on time too.

7. A website copy in two days is next to impossible.

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If you don’t want to pay for a mediocre product (which we wouldn’t want to create either), give us enough time to prove our worth. Likewise, you won’t solve your problem either by using a template or shadowing someone else’s site.

8. Copywriters aren’t mere tools.

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Copywriters can do more than just follow your instructions. Besides typing fast, we know the principles and elements of a good copy, too. You can gain from these skills by discussing your ideas with us. Trust your copywriter and you’ll love the results.

Like you, outsourced writers have their own share of expectations, too. Hence, if you expect great writing and research services, we’ll need your full cooperation.

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