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Top Five Digital Marketing Jobs in the Philippines in 2016

As wide as its scope, digital marketing has a range of job openings for pros here. The country enjoys a fair share in the trade’s fame as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. Hence, if you’re a job seeker, a digital marketer, or a career shifter looking for openings, try working in the Philippines! Below is a list of top digital marketing jobs in 2016, along with their whopping annual income and short job description.

Digital Marketing Jobs to Build Up Your Career
1. Digital marketing manager (DMM).

Mean income – PhP689,416 per year*

DMMs oversee the online marketing techniques of an entity. To clarify, they create plans and run campaigns. Duties include supplying web content to boost online presence. Further, DMMs devise methods to market products through any digital means.

2. Digital marketing specialist (DMS).

Mean income – PhP251,914 per year*

As a smart pro who takes on many roles, a DMS has skills in many fields of digital marketing. Fields of knowhow include one or a mix of paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, email, content, and display media. Then again, one holding this post should be adept at web advertising, graphics, and others. Besides, DMSs must know the field’s concepts and practices, too.

3. Marketing manager (MM).

Mean income – PhP541,943 per year*

The course of digital marketing jobs and tasks lies in the skills of the business MM. Aside from the knowledge in digital techniques, MMs can work well with old methods. Hence, they must complete a wide range of duties and tasks such as learning new trends and managing product development. In addition, MMs need to know the firm’s target market, study the demands for services and/or products, and create pricing schemes.

4. Marketing coordinator (MC).

Mean income – PhP314,414 per year*

Being in an entry-level post in the field, an MC plays a vital role in carrying out campaigns well and hassle-free. The job itself gives a hint on an MCs’ main duty—bringing together the firm’s activities to reach marketing goals. Likewise, other key duties include helping the team make plans for contents and sending emails and letters to clients.

5. Marketing director (MD).

Mean income – PhP1,650,000 per year*

The highest post among digital marketing jobs, an MD is a strategist that guides the firm’s campaigns. Through shared ideas, MDs set the goals of the group. Likewise, they offer guidance, views, and feedback on the most effective campaigns. Further, MDs’ do market research and budget control and allocation; and create partnerships and business ideas.

Which of these digital marketing jobs best suit your skills? If fit with any of these posts, grab it while it’s hot! Digital marketing is one of the surest way to enjoy a fruitful career. Great prospects are available in the Philippines! Thus, if you’re looking for work in this field, check the job offers at FilWeb Asia. As the firm grows and the industry calls for more digital marketing solutions, we strive to fill the gap. We hire SEO experts, writers, and copywriters. So check out our page for the latest job posts.

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