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14 Share-Worthy Web Content Types People Love on Social Media

Do you want to increase your site traffic? Read on and discover 14 web content types that people love to share on their social media accounts.

1. Infographics

More than other web content types, infographics get more shares, views, and likes because people absorb and retain visual info longer.

2. Lists

Since lists have fixed length, they create an easy reading experience and allow readers to process and retain information with little effort. They draw readers’ interest, too, as people love to know the chart-toppers in a certain category or topic.

3. How-Tos

How-to posts are popular web content types because most people use the Internet to learn new things and develop new skills.

4. Ultimate Guides

Unlike how-to posts, which tackle specific topics, ultimate guides cover one or more closely connected topics. They guide the readers to a certain aim and make them feel confident about their knowledge.

5. Case Studies and Success Stories

Detailed case studies and success stories fascinate most readers because they recount how a product or service has helped a client achieve his/her business goal.

6. Videos

A good video can be extremely persuasive because it can communicate a message in a succinct and memorable way. And since people are visual creatures, moving images charm them easily than other content forms.

7. Round-Ups

Round-up posts can be compilation of posts from other blogs or opinion of other people on a certain topic. They are among the most loved web content types because they offer a variety of info from diverse angles in one post.

8. Checklists

People share checklists because they are simple and easy to read. They provide values and do not consume too much of readers’ time. They also give insights and help people find the loopholes in their various strategies.

9. Controversial Posts

These posts draw in hundreds of people to debate and comment because they contest standard beliefs. Readers love to share these posts because they allow them to express their own views regardless if they are pro or against the topic.

10. Interactive Contents

Users can relate to interactive contents, such as quizzes and knowledge tests. They can be viral as well because readers love to share their quiz results and invite other people to try it too.

11. Product Reviews

People turn to online reviews before purchasing a product or service. They always want to make sure they are buying the best brand and getting their money’s worth. Aside from being share-worthy, the content also creates authority and leadership in your niche.

12. Stats and Facts

Numbers and metrics hold a lot of value. Sharing them will not only drive traffic to your site. They will help build trust and authority, too, because people will respect the hard work you put in gathering the data.

13. Negative Posts

People have the tendency to flick through bad news and sad stories. It may seem ironic but researches explained that tragic stories somehow help people reflect on their own life and realize how luckier they are than others.

14. News

News is always shareable because people want to stay updated and be the first to break the latest news to their friends and family.

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