Safety Tips to Remember This Rainy Season in the PH [Infographic]

Tag ulan na naman.” To us Filipinos, rainy season is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing, because it’s the perfect time for a good slumber and movie marathon. On the other hand, it’s a curse for its ability to make our commuting to work routine much difficult than the usual. Mas ma-traffic, mas mahirap makahanap ng masasakyan, at hindi ka damay sa suspension announcements! It’s as if the government thinks that Filipino employees are water-resistant beings *sigh*.

We all share common struggles during this season. So to make it bearable for us, we create this infographic on commuting tips and tag-ulan safety tips for employees like you.

tag-ulan safety tips for employees: infographic

Share this to your co-workers, friends, and family to help them gear up this rainy season. You can also download our infographic here, so you will have an instant checklist of the things you should do from our tag-ulan safety tips for employees.

Stay safe and dry at all times!