signs of an outdated web design

Six Obvious Clues Your Web Design Needs an Update

The Internet’s rapid evolution makes it crucial for web designers/developers and digital marketers to keep an updated web design. If you’re one of these professionals working on web development projects, avoid applications that may make a site lose its purpose. Further, ditch features that may make it old. Then again, how can you tell if it’s already outdated? Below are a few clues to help you point out features you must improve in your design project so your website will attract more users.

What Makes a Web Design Outdated
1. Old, fancy typeface

Using older typography sends an indirect message that the site has been there for a long time and hasn’t gone through updates. Many websites today ditch Times New Roman, Papyrus, and Comic Sans in favor of more readable and trendy typography. With dated fonts, chances are your design wouldn’t stay long because they make your web pages appear boring and unattractive.

2. Text effects

Gone are the days when people love watching blinking, moving, and scrolling texts. Today, such font effects no longer amaze users but, instead, annoy them because of readability issues. Likewise, text effects make the site less accessible to people with migraine.

3. Flash animations

Modern web designs don’t show Flash animations anymore despite the rich multimedia experience they bring to site visitors. You won’t see Flash intros these days anymore because such contents slow web page loading, which not only upset users but waste their time, too. The rise of high-end phones and handheld gadgets signals the death of Flash because these devices don’t work well with animations or vice versa.

4. Unresponsive design

A website that doesn’t function well and look good on mobile devices is unresponsive. Current trends aim to make websites mobile friendly, so users can make the most of their functions. Recent data prove that people do online searches on mobile more than on desktop. Hence, create a website that works well and is easy to view on every device.

5. Overwhelming elements

Too many images (clip art), sound files, videos (auto- play clips), and other graphic elements in a web page can drive your viewers to click the back button. While these tools can be assets to your site, they could be too much and be immaterial as site contents. In addition, these slow down the website’s performance, causing further frustration among viewers. Modern websites are plain. Thus, the simpler the web design, the more attractive they are to visitors.

6. No links to social media

Links to business’ social media pages are necessary in the home page of corporate websites. A surefire way to reach your target market on the Internet is to connecting with other users online. Be sure the icons you place anywhere on the site are clickable and jibe with the brand you’re trying to build.

The above clues, which point out to a poorly done web design, may hurt your online marketing campaigns big time. Don’t lose the chance of beating rivals with your powerful online presence. If you can’t do it or have no time to make a perfect site, find expert web development and design services. FilWeb Asia can help you build a handy business website that will attract people and boost sales.

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