Inside BPO: 10 Customer Service Representatives You’ll Meet

If you enter a call center office, the first thing you’ll notice is that the workspaces appear the same. From the height of cubicles to the color of desktop computers, you will be amazed at how they manage to spot their own desks. But if you think they’re also the same in work attitude and personality, we believe you haven’t met the rest of the family yet.

Here, meet the 10 different personalities in the business process outsourcing industry:

1. Ellen Degenerous

I’m sorry, ma’am if you’re disappointed with what happened. Rest assured, I’ll ask the manager if an extra credit will do it.


Ellen hates the idea of being yelled at, so she thinks complying with what her mad customers’ demands will keep their cool.


2. Jack Dorsales

Are you hungry? I have Sinigang here. You can pay me tomorrow or on next payday.
selling, selling, selling

He’s the Jack of all trades in the office who earns extra money by selling foods, snacks, cellphone loads, etc. Agents who don’t have time to go outside to buy food appreciate him the most.


3. Shockira

Ma’am, I think it’s…but…
Paris Hilton:

Shockira is the most patient among the agents. She doesn’t mind being the shock absorber because she values her job and she knows how to manage her emotions.


4. Mary Nay

I’m sorry, sir but we can’t…no, it’s not allowed either…nope.


Customers think Mary can make a great terror school principal who either disapproves or rejects requests. The only time she’ll say yes is when they ask, “Can I just end this call instead?


5. Gerard Battler

Did you just call me ‘idiot’? Hold on.” *Clenches fists

What did you day?

Gerard is the opposite of Shockira. He doesn’t want to be insulted by anyone – mostly by an ill-tempered person (like him). Just be nice and he’ll promise to keep his temper.


6. Mila Munchies

*Opens a bag of chips “Hello, Sir! How can I help you?” *Munches


Mila doesn’t mind working long hours as long as there’s a food on her desk. If her job makes her happy, then receiving calls while eating makes her happier.


7. Rebelle Goulding

Hey. Tap me when the guard enters. I’ll just text my boyfriend.


Rebelle is so headstrong that she doesn’t fear about the consequences to the rules she break during work. Just like what her motto says, “Rules are made to be broken.”


8. Ashton Asker

Sorry, Ma’am but we can’t proceed unless you answer my question.

I have a lot of questions

Some customers think they called the wrong agency because of Ashton. He’s so cautious that he asks even about their last transaction. Don’t be fooled when he says, “One last question.” He doesn’t actually mean it.


9. Katy Sorry

I’m sorry for your frustration, Sir. I’m very sorry.very...very sorry

If Katy has a favorite word, it’ll be “sorry.” From slightly upset to madly disappointed customers, she never fails to be apologetic to them. “Sorry, but I’m really sorry.” She says.


10. Mariah Caffeine

When I drink coffee, my performance gets better. Coffee is life.
I need a lot of coffe right now!

Coffee is every call center agent’s friend. To Mariah, it’s her BFF (Best Friend Forever). She believes her caffeine friend is her main source of productivity and energy to survive at work.

Despite of their differences, they all unite for one aim: To give you guaranteed service satisfaction. So just because they’re patient, doesn’t mean you abuse them, because you have no idea about the things they really want to tell you – especially when you’re mad or frustrated.

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