The Difference Between Call Center and Contact Center

Some people may think that the call center and contact center are interchangeably the same. Somehow, yes, but generally, these two have dissimilar functions in terms of the nature of work and how it is being handled. This proposition might be vague to you; therefore, to clarify things this article will discuss how you would be able to distinguish between these two positions.

Contact Center vs Call Center

Call center has a lesser job than the contact center. While a call center mainly does the voice calls whether inbound or outbound, a contact center, on the other hand, does the same thing. Moreover, a contact center has the capacity to handle properly the data applications such as e-mail, web-based chat/instant messaging, and, in some cases, will include the capability to share web pages sent to and from the customer.
Service-wise, contact centers can do multi-tasking. They can serve and communicate with their clients and could be able to perform both text and visual communication methods in addition to phone calls.
Fast Facts about Contact Centers

  • A contact center is often referred to as a customer interaction center or e-contact center. It is the main hub in a business enterprise from which all customer contacts are managed.
  • Contact centers normally include several call centers and other types of customer contacts, as well, including e-mail newsletters, postal mail catalogs, web site inquiries and chats, and collection of information from customers during in-store purchasing to mention a few.
  • The contact center is an integral part of the customer relationship management (CRM).
  • The contact center is one of the pivotal components in multichannel marketing.