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7 Major Factors to Think Through Before Hiring a VA

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More than an industry trend, hiring virtual assistants has become a necessity for most firms these days. While getting one may be easy, business owners must still think of several factors before they can hire someone.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or an executive planning to outsource minor tasks offshore, think of both the internal and external factors. Not doing so might put your business at risk. Learn here what you must consider before hiring a virtual assistant (VA).

Internal Factors

Analyze your current standing and other controllable factors before you contact a VA. Thus, consider the following issues in hiring virtual assistants.

1. Readiness

When farming out tasks to an offshore professional, be ready to pursue it. Such a move won’t only cost you your financial resources but your time, trust, and cooperation, too.

Now, are you ready to share key information with an offshore outsourcing firm or employee?

Be sure of your VA’s duties. This will help you figure what training he/she needs to be competent and efficient in carrying out given tasks. Likewise, allot extra time for video calls and mentoring.

2. System(s)

Whenever you’re hiring virtual assistants, using a systematic program to complete overwhelming tasks will hasten the work. As a business owner, you must be ready with a tried and tested procedure to guarantee a smooth workflow. Master it and be an effective mentor to your VA. After creating a procedure for doing the tasks, prepare the training materials.

3. Inadequacy

Lack of workplace resources is one reason firms consider hiring virtual assistants. If the tasks overwhelm you and hiring more workers or expanding the office space is more expensive than getting a VA, then choose the latter. Always make a practical choice.

External Factors

No one wants to work with a “disaster” VA. To avoid this, research on and assess potential VAs. Along with this, mind factors you can’t control.

4. Language and Communication

An ideal VA is someone who can communicate well both in verbal and written means. In addition, having a common language is vital to business success.

5. Availability

Understand that not every VA always works for a single client alone. Each may serve two or more clients simultaneously. Thus, better find someone with an open schedule. Be mindful of the time zones, too.

6. Reviews, Testimonials, and References

Know what others have to say on your potential VA. Likewise, ask other executives on their working relationship with him/her. Reviews and comments will give you an idea on his/her skills, professionalism, strengths, and weaknesses. Better yet, ask the VA to give personal references.

7. Samples and Tests

During inquiry, ask for sample works if you’re seeking a specialized VA such as a writer or a web designer. Such allow you to assess whether his/her skills fit your job requirements. If possible, send the VA a test project he/she can work on before you hire him/her.

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