FilWeb Asia's longtime employees - 10 years in service

10 Years at FilWeb Asia: Meet the Loyal Employees

Can you imagine the joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment of finding a company you would treat as your “second home”? Some people believe it’s impossible because a company that would treat you like family doesn’t exist. Well, not with FilWeb Asia’s longtime employees.

To commemorate their loyalty on our 17th year anniversary, we asked them about what made them stay in the company for more than a decade. And here are their heartfelt answers:

*Submissions have been edited for length.

Priscilla Lumaquez

Operations Manager
Hiring Date: March 06, 2007

“I stayed this long because I always feel that this is my second home. My bosses since I have started here have always been supportive and kind. Here is where I found my passion working in an office environment (I’m a medical technologist) and discovered that I can do better here”.

Michael Camposano

Creative Marketing Specialist
Hiring Date: June 20, 2007

“Good camaraderie among colleagues, homey workplace, continuous learning environment and opportunities – these are few of many reasons why I choose to stay with Filweb Asia.”

Irene Concepcion

Executive Coordinator
Hiring Date: May 15, 2007

“Each day at work is a continuous learning process – great opportunity for someone with insatiable thirst for knowledge; which I think is the most rewarding that makes my stay here a blissful one.”

Barbie Joy S. Melendez

HR Manager
Hiring Date: June 28, 2007

“What made me stay is the feeling of belongingness. I was never treated as an employee by Sir Larry and Mam Alma, I felt I am part of their family. I had no background in HR, but the confidence that Sir Larry gave me, help me get through it. Those I believe are enough reasons to stay long.”

Maria Jovita P. Monroy

Department Manager
Hiring Date: February 01, 2007

“What made me stay for 10 years in the company ay yung pagkakaroon ko ng sense of fulfillment o feeling na may silbi pa ako sa mundo. It’s different when you can still function both mentally and physically. Besides, you don’t feel you’re getting older, lalo na’t dito ka sa FilWeb Asia nagwo-work.”

Rio Madula

Data Research Team Coordinator
Hiring Date: June 30, 2006

“Filweb Asia is one of the Onederful companies with Onederful working environment for all Onederful people who’d like to give their Onederful service to get a Onederful salary plus other Onederful benefits and very accommodating admin with their Onederful smiles.”

Rea Labayo

Accounting Officer
Hiring Date: March 06, 2007

“The best things about FilWeb Asia that made me stay for more than 10 years are the great management, work environment and culture… It’s such a great thing to come to work, knowing that your colleagues are also your friends. I’m lucky enough to be working with not just great but also funny people.”

Felipe G. Osorio

Security Officer
Hiring Date: September 10, 2007

“Masaya ako sa mga ginagawa ko sa FilWeb dahil mabait ang mga boss, masaya akong nakakasama ang mga mababait, magaganda, at mga nag-gwagwapuhang mga empleyado, higit sa lahat, ito ay pagpapala ng kalakasan na ibinigay sa akin ng Panginoon at nais ko po ipagpatuloy ang aking ginagawa dito sa FilWeb.”

Aris Berroya

Graphic Designer
Hiring Date: Jun 21, 2007

“The best thing about working at Filweb Asia that made me stay for more than 10 years is the enjoyment to the work that I do. I feel the connection to the organization, support from team leaders, department head, and bosses; the benefits and incentive (trips abroad), and the opportunity to learn.”

Jona Riza Vallesta

Copy Editor/Trainer
Hiring Date: June 27, 2007

“FilwebAsia helped me discover and develop the skills and abilities that I am capable of. FilwebAsia promotes family-oriented and friendly environment. It also gave me an opportunity to find friends (and a lover, kiddin’) that really helped me understand the true essence of work-life balance.”

Edralin R. Sanchez

Digital Marketing Officer
Hiring Date: May 04, 2007
“Different experiences that make you a better person each day.”

Adam Anthony Austria

MIS Supervisor
Hiring Date: Feb 17, 2007

“I absolutely love the people I work with, and I love what I do with great work environment and culture + supportive Boss ‘Larry’”

Anne Michelle Peregrina

Manager, Career Development Department
Hiring Date: June 06, 2006

“Throughout my tenure, I faced different struggles and challenges and because of it natuto akong magtiwala sa sarili ko. Kailangan mong magtiwala sa sarili mo na every challenges na kakaharapin mo makakaya mo basta gusto ng puso mo. Thank you Filweb Asia because I met the better version of myself.”

Rowaldo Madula

Graphic Designer
Hiring Date: January 02, 2007

“FilWeb Asia gave me an opportunity to improve my skills and better understanding the difference between computer drafting and computer design. Also I am able to learn advanced knowledge about graphic and web design. What I like the most is the environment. It caters the needs of employees.”