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Customer Survey: How it Affects Company Performance

We are all customers and at one point have been asked to fill in a customer survey. It might’ve been in a restaurant or a mobile app that you used. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the time to answer these surveys because they think it’s not important. Little do we know that these surveys can help make or break a business.

Why is Taking Customer Surveys Important?

Customer feedback surveys are created for businesses, so they can collect measurable response from customers. The data collected can be used to improve a business’ product or service resulting to better customer satisfaction and relationship.

How Does it Affect a Company’s Performance?

Areas for Improvement. If you own a restaurant or an online shop, a customer can tell you honestly what part of your service, product, or system sucks. You’re made aware of errors and flaws that only customers notice.

Honest and Unbiased Reviews. If you work in—or own—a company, it’s unavoidable for you to have a biased opinion of everything happening in your business. You tend to justify everything and turn a blind eye on matters you don’t want to deal with. A customer review does the opposite of that; they’ll give you honest and straight-to-the-point answers you may or may not want to hear but have to deal with.

Stronger Customer Relationship. A brand can establish a stronger client relationship through surveys because customers are asked of their opinions and suggestions. If you’ve done some changes based on what they recommended and gave them credit for it, they will feel like they are a part of your company.

How Do You Create an Interesting and Effective Survey?

Keep it Short and Simple. Don’t ask more than 10 short, smartly constructed questions. Multiple choice answers that are easy to comprehend works best for customers.

Make Customers Feel Important and Valued. Create a tagline that will make customers feel that their opinions and suggestions are highly valued. If you can give them updates on survey results, even better. This way, they’ll know your business took their ratings seriously.

Offer an Incentive. Who wouldn’t take 2-3 minutes out of their time to answer a survey in exchange for a discount or freebie? This can be your way of thanking them for the time they spent giving honest feedback on your company.

There are many ways you can collect customer feedback; you can send them a form or have a virtual administrative assistant conduct them for you for a more personal and special touch. The important thing is you know what your customers want, what they don’t, and what will make them happier.

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