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Nine Best Qualities of Images that Drive Website Traffic

The human brain recognizes visual contents with ease than textual ones. Hence, add pictures to webpages to boost your firm’s presence on the Web. Despite their vital role in digital marketing, still many content writing services fail to entice readers and increase website traffic with photos.

If you are a content marketer, business owner, or writer, you know that pictures improve website traffic. Thus, you shouldn’t just add a photo, but consider its impact on online users. So what qualities of pictures bring traffic to a website?

Qualities Content Writing Services Search for in the Images They Use

To measure engaging visual contents, you must learn how they generate buzz among online users. So check the images that content writing services include in your webpages to make sure they have one or most of the following qualities.


A simple image that shows one idea is convincing because it doesn’t force the brain to work hard in deciering its message. For instance, posting a flat belly can mean health or weight loss. Likewise, the pho of a wounded soldier can point to violence or war.


By nature, humans get excited with new yet unusual things. Thus, the photo of a female with shaving foam and holding a razor may make users ultra-curious. Since unexpected and odd, viewers may read the piece.


The brain focuses on one part of a picture and not on its entirety. People always look at the face. Thus, National Geographic’s cover in June 1985 of a green-eyed Afghan girl is so fascinating that it became its most famous issue. Other striking subjects you may highlight are movements and mood.


People are emotional by nature because sometimes they cannot express in words what they feel. A photo that paints compassion for others or an act of kindness draws sympathy. As a result, it may lead viewers to do likewise.


A viral content can help you become famous for a moment or forever. Add an infographic or meme to your content and you may soon see it shared across the Web. Check content writing services online if you need help in putting images onto your website.


People enjoy viewing high-definition images or those that maintain a good resolution on any screen size and device and on whatever file format.

Technical Side

Apart from the obvious features of a photo, other factors help it become good content in search engines. So consider search engine optimization (SEO). Optimize the texts behind your images so Google and other search engines can optimize them based on their relevance. If you lack the ability and time to do technical work, you can outsource it to SEO content writing services.

With descriptive caption

How you described the photo you posted can affect its visibility online. Hence, don’t forget to include a fitting caption. In making a label, add a keyword or key phrase to make it searchable.

With precise alt-tag

Add alt texts to photos so users can distinguish them even though they didn’t load. For SEO purposes, alt-tags let search engines index graphic contents because they are hard to read. An alt-tag may only contain a keyword as needed. Exclude the keyword if it has nothing to do with the image’s description.

With a specific file name

Don’t just upload a photo named something like DSC1234. Optimize it by making its main subject the file name.

Without the above qualities, your visual content is useless; thus, prompting readers or viewers to leave and find another site. But the magic of an effective site isn’t just the content itself but the marketing strategy. Analyze where you should position each image within the page and on which site can it attract more readers.

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Image from FreeGreatPicture.com