25 Common Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog Posts

Have you ever visited a blog that gets thousands of page views and hundreds of social media shares? Did you feel a pang of envy and wondered why you’re not getting the same amount of traffic? Perhaps, you’re thinking that it’s because of the blog writing content alone. However, it’s not. FilWeb Asia Inc. uncovers twenty-five reasons why your blog isn’t getting any traffic. Heed these reasons and use them to improve your blog writing.
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Blog Writing Slip-ups: 25 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Any Readers


Your blog is recently launched.
It’s common for older and more established blogs to get a lot more traffic than newer ones.
Your blog takes a long time to load.
If your website takes longer than 15 secs to load, users will abandon it and look for information elsewhere. So, invest in optimizing your website, develop your web interface and prioritize user experience, which is drastically changing the trend of online services.
Your blog has an unappealing, old-fashioned, and improper design.
If your blog looks outdated and boring, potential audience will leave your site before they even read your content.
Your blog is not mobile-friendly.
Ensure that you optimize your website is well and suited for mobile viewing because a huge number of people now use their mobile devices to consume content.
You haven’t optimized your blog posts for SEO.
Use the tools available online to improve your search engine ranking. Google changes its algorithm; however, what you’ll need to ensure and to set an objective is to create helpful, factual and organic blog writing.


You haven’t established a viable and accurate buyer/audience persona.
Create personas to understand your audience deeper and know the approach that will work best on them.
You don’t create content that targets your persona.
Once you understand your target audience, write specifically for them. Give them the information they are looking for in a way that appeals to them.
You focus too much on promoting your brand.
Readers don’t want to hear about your promotions all the time; give them the information they can use.
You create contents that don’t align with your brand.
Make sure your writing style suits your brand’s industry.
You write without injecting personality into your work.
If you write in a monotonous style, people will get bored and leave your website.
You fail to proofread your work.
Grammatical and spelling errors are huge turn-offs. Proofread your work at least 3 times to guarantee no mistakes are left.
You forgot the formatting of your posts for easy reading.
If you don’t follow the online world’s proper writing format, many people will pass on your blog and find easy-to-read contents elsewhere.
You don’t incorporate enough images in your posts.
Keep your readers engaged by adding images here and there. This is an effective technique to fight against boredom.
You utilize many commonly used stock photos.
Stop using staged stock images that at least a dozen more people are using regularly. It’s boring and unnatural.
You wander off your original topic.
When you talk about a subject, stick to it. Don’t discuss 3 points all at the same time in one post.
You compose contents that provide little worth.
The whole point of reading contents is to learn new things. If your content doesn’t offer that, don’t expect to receive good traffic.
You lack originality or don’t express your opinions enough.
Redundant opinions do not engage readers. The blogging industry has countless witty bloggers and to stand out, you need to revamp your blog writing strategies and keep your creative juices flowing.


You write more than you promote.
It’s better to have five contents with 1000 readers each than 100 contents with 10 readers each. Promote the contents you already have.
You’re inconsistent with content publishing.
Be consistent and reliable to attract more readers. Your inconsistency affects how your readers will patronize your writing and may affect your website performance as a whole. Blog writing is a crucial yet fascinating way to impart knowledge, sway customers and help your readers. Find what tone of writing you do best and keep it uniform.
You’re not trying a variety of content types.
Stop it with the boring blog posts. Try utilizing GIFs or memes for a more engaging content.
Your headlines are not compelling.
Take your time in creating a powerful headline. It must be something that will raise people’s curiosity and will cause them to read it.
You’re failing to promote your posts on social media properly.
Promote your posts a few times in a week and repeat the process in a month. As the marketing strategies evolve, you must know that the social media plays a huge role as your market platform. So, do not forget to boost your own post to establish your online reputation and reach more audience.
You’re not trying new headlines on social media.
Test out different headline formats on social media sites and check which one gets the most clicks.
You haven’t reached out to industry influencers about your post.
Join blogging forums or communities and connect with other bloggers. Widen your network to broaden your audience.
You’re lacking the encouragement of email subscription.
It’s important for you to have an email list you update regularly and send your latest posts to.
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Blog writing isn’t as simple as you once thought, right? Use the reasons stated above to improve your website’s performance and have your blog stand out in the digital world.
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