Facade of Atoy's Porkchop in San Pedro, Laguna

Cheap Food Finds in San Pedro, Laguna for Foodies on Budget

It’s all fun and games until you find out you’re craving, hungry, and broke. We, Filipinos, are legit foodies, but we mostly ditch the idea of foodtrip when petsa de peligro hits. Ang dami kasi ng gastusin eh. But why suffer until your next sahod when you can find places nearby that serve your favorite food? Explore the town and check out these cheap eats in San Pedro, Laguna to delight in great foods even on a budget!

Note: Major craving-triggering photos will come your way. Please proceed with caution.

1. Sidewalk Street Food

Bopis Street Food
Bopis Street Food | Image courtesy of Jonnah Dela Cruz

Where to find: San Pedro Town Center, San Pedro, Laguna
Price Range: Food prices start at 3 pesos
Must-try: Fried chicken, bopis, chicken skin, and goto

Do you think 20 pesos can’t fill your hungry belly? Walk along the sidewalks of San Pedro Town Center and you’ll find several small carts that sell street foods such as proven, bopis, Japanese corn, kwek-kwek, balat ng manok, and even fried chicken for only 13 pesos!

Sidewalk fried chicken
Sidewalk Fried Chicken | Image courtesy of Jonnah Dela Cruz

These are worth your 20 pesos as long as you’re not maselan. If your budget is bigger than 20 pesos, you can enjoy a bowl of pares, mami, arroz caldo or even goto just in front of San Pedro Town Center.

2. Tita Linda’s Eatery

Tita Linda's Eatery, USPS San Pedro Laguna
Tita Linda’s Eatery | Image courtesy of Kenneth Padua

Where to find: United San Pedro Subd., San Pedro, Laguna
Price Range: Minimum of 35 pesos per meal

When it comes to affordable and delicious lunch, Ate Linda’s eatery is Filwebers’ popular choice. Not only her drool-worthy lutong bahay dishes make customers come back, but her nanay-like approach makes them feel at home, too.

Ate Linda of Ate Linda's Eatery

There’s Tita Linda with her casseroles of yummy viands. Expect to be greeted with her big smile and a good burp after eating because it’s indeed sulit.

3. Kabayan Pares

Kabayan Pares in Pacita San Pedro
Kabayan Pares in Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna | Image courtesy of Gabriel Salazar

Where to find: Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna
Price Range: 35+ pesos per meal

Heading down to Pacita, you can spot one tall guy with a mustache who rules the street at night. They say when you get off the jeep at Pacita Complex, you can already hear his assistant (or his wife, sometimes) yell, “Kabayan! Kabayan!” to invite customers to his stall. Now kabayan is not the vendor’s name, but the word he calls his parokyanos.

One Filweber—who is a fan of his pares—claims that among the three pares vendors on that street, the Kabayan owner is the first to go home as his pares sells out early. So if you’re looking for the best pares in town, seek no other than Kabayan pares.

4. Mang Alex’s Mamihan

Mang Alex's Mami in San Pedro, Laguna
Image courtesy of Mervin Vargas via Facebook

Where to find: Sto. Niño St., Pacita Complex II, San Pedro, Laguna
Price Range: 22 – 60 pesos per meal
Must-try: Special Mami

If you are in search for an alternative to pares, you may want to taste the talk-of-the-village Mami from Mang Alex’s Mamihan. What people love about it besides mami is the cheap price that ranges from 22 to 60 pesos! So even when you’re broke, you can have mami that is both good for your tummy and your wallet.

Mang Alex's Special Mami
Mang Alex’s Special Mami | Image courtesy of Rhejie Crizaldo

Many patrons put Mang Alex’s Special Mami (above) as one of the best-selling dishes you should try. For only 60 pesos, you can already experience gotong Batangas, pares, and mami—all in one bowl. Don’t forget to pair it with bread and ice-cold Mountain Dew to satisfy your belly further.

5. Tara’ 8 Eatery

Tara' 8 Eatery Sign

Where to Find: Pagsanjan St., Holiday Homes Phase 2, San Pedro, Laguna
Price Range: Minimum of 35 pesos per meal
Must-try: Sisig (Dinakdakan Style)

Tara ‘8 Eatery is the go-to food place for foodies who live in the inner part of Barangay San Antonio. Don’t worry about not finding it, because its huge sign along Pagsanjan Street in Holiday Homes Phase 2 and display of viands in a glass display cabinet are visible even when you’re across the street.

Tara' 8 Eatery in Holiday Homes San Pedro Laguna
Tara’ 8 Eatery

Aside from its clear atmosphere, Tara ‘8 Eatery’s Sisig in Dinakdakan style will keep you come back for another round of meal. You can try their other specialties such as Sinigang, Kare-Kare, and Lechon Kawali, too.

6. Tobi’s Yummy Shawarma

cheap eats in san pedro, laguna: tobi's yummy shawarma
Tobi’s Yummy Shawarma | Image courtesy of Tobiel Blancia

Where to find: San Antonio Ricarte St., San Pedro, Laguna
Price range: 45 – 80 pesos
Must-try: Special Shawarma

If you think indulging on a savory shawarma during Petsa de Peligro is impossible, then Tobi’s Yummy Shawarma will prove you wrong. Here you can enjoy their special shawarma (see photo below) that is said to be ‘better’ than any popular shawarma brand in town. Do you wonder what makes this place one of the best cheap eats in San Pedro, Laguna? It is none other than their own blend of shawarma sauce!

Tobi's Special Shawarma
Image courtesy of Tricia Wilter Leopanado via Facebook
Tobi's Yummy Shawarma Takoyaki
Image by ZhaiJunio via Facebook

Apart from the mouthwatering Shawarma, Tobi’s also serve other tasty meryenda such as Takoyaki (see photo above).

7. Atoy’s Porkchop

Atoy's Porkchop in USPS San Pedro Laguna
Atoy’s Porkchop | Image courtesy of Jonnah Dela Cruz

Where to find: Though located almost anywhere in Laguna, you can find one of its most beautiful branches inside United San Pedro Subd. in San Pedro, Laguna.
Price range: 55 – 80 pesos per meal
Must-try: Porkchop and tapa

When we say quality “Tapsilog ng Masa,” many people will never miss out on Atoy’s Porkchop. This silog place is popular for its tender tapa paired with yummy fried rice and egg.

Atoy's Porkchop Silog Meals
Image courtesy of Angelo Ramos via Facebook

Atoy’s Porkchop doesn’t only serve their best-selling dish porkchop and tapa. They also cater some of our all-time favorite Pinoy dishes such as Daing na Bangus, Pork Sisig, Chicken Longganisa, and Grilled Spareribs in their menu.

8. Tuding’s Original Porkchop Haus

Tuding’s Original Porkchop Haus in Brgy. San Antonio | Image courtesy of Marita Monroy

Where to find:  Tuding’s is situated almost anywhere in Laguna and its nearby cities. But if you live in San Pedro, the nearest branch you can find is in Brgy. San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna.
Price range: 55 – 70 pesos per meal
Must-try: Porkchop, rice, and egg meal

If you’re a porkchop or fried rice fanatic, Tuding’s Original Porkchop Haus is your go-to food destination. Clearly, nothing beats the original as this place is the winner in serving the juiciest porkchop. For just 55 pesos, you will experience this best-selling meal that might make you not want your old porkchop fave anymore.

9. Olmyr’s Lomi House

Olmyr's Lomi House Menu
Image courtesy of Food Trip in the Philippines via Facebook

Where to find: Poblacion, Mabini St., San Pedro, Laguna
Price range: 40 – 70 pesos per meal
Must-try: Lomi, Chami, Star1

Of course, who would forget that lomi and pancit are our favorite go-to meryendas, too? Olmyr’s Lomi House is known for its wide variety of affordable, but tasty foods from silogs to different dishes of pancit and lomi.

Olmyr's Pancit
Image courtesy of Ayee Defeo via Facebook

If you’re new to the place, you may want to try some of their best-sellers: Star 1 (fried chicken strips, fried egg, and fried rice), chami, and their original lomi. Prepare to drool over Olmyr’s Lomi House’s winning topping to their pancit and lomi dishes: Lechon Kawali.

10. BudBod to Go!

BudBod to Go in San Pedro, Laguna
BudBod to Go | Image courtesy of Marita Monroy

Where to find: Cataquiz Subd., San Pedro, Laguna
Price range: 68 – 150 pesos per meal
Must-try: Porkchop and Tocino

Finally, if you’ve already had your salary but prefer to go somewhere affordable without trading off the food’s quality, BudBod to Go! is a perfect place to dine. Budbod means “rice topping” which explains why they serve meals in a bowl instead of a plate.

BudBod to Go Menu
BudBod to Go Menu | Image courtesy of Marita Monroy

BudBod to Go! serves delicious rice bowl meals such as Tocino, Tapa, Chicken Fillet, Longanisa, Pork Chop, Fish Fillet, Hotdog, Corned Beef, and Luncheon Meat. You may also want to try their Ube or Leche Flan desserts that come from small to large sizes for 15 to 150 pesos only!

Which among these cheap eats in San Pedro, Laguna would you want to visit first? Don’t forget to share this article to your friends and colleagues, so you can plan your first petsa de peligro foodtrip adventure together!