buyer persona in digital marketing

Why Consider Buyer Persona in Digital Marketing?

Why Is Buyer Persona Important? Like in any brick-and-mortar business, you should identify your target market right before you launch your online campaign. Below are the reasons why buyer persona is crucial in digital marketing.

    1. It tailors your approach. If you know your target audience well, you can personalize your approach and talk to them with ease. You don’t have to make vague descriptions or generalize your statements. Further, you can give your audience appropriate contents they will surely enjoy and use. When you engage with your audience at a personalized level, you can build a brand that connects with them directly. 2. It builds good relationship. You can form a strong connection with your clients when you offer them the most relevant contents. You’re more likely to develop a common language and provide a platform that would allow them to get in touch with you quickly. 3. It helps you address certain needs. With buyer personas helping you grasp your potential clients, you’ll know their needs and interests. Knowing their age group or gender isn’t enough to address and meet their requirements. Go deeper and assess their actions and preferences. 4. It achieves customer centricity. Based on studies, firms that use a buyer-focused marketing approach reap better results. In fact, the practice helped them outdo their rivals.
How to Create Personas
To develop buyer personas, you may conduct surveys, researches, or interviews of your target market. You may coordinate with your current clients, prospects, and any potential clients. Check out these four easy steps:
  • Use your site analytics to your advantage. This will help you understand and assess your audience’s behavior. You may check the keywords they used, their locations, and the average time they spent on your web page.
  • Maximize the use of social media. Researching via online networking sites will not just give you clues on what your target audiences prefer. You can interact with them, too, and solve their queries and concerns about your product or service.
  • Involve your salespeople. Anyone who has dealt with clients is a good source of data to know what makes them tick.
  • Put a form on your site. This way, you capture vital persona info, which you can use in making profiles, etc.
Though important, many online sellers still struggle to build personas for their core audiences. They fail to identify their target market’s buying behavior and flop in their marketing efforts. If you can’t identify your buyer persona and strategize well with your online campaigns, seek our virtual assistant services. We have the solutions that can sure boost your online presence. Sources: Tony Zambito, Hubspot, CJG Digital Marketing, Buffer Inc.]]>