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8 Proven Tips to Keep Your VAs Longer

Working with professionals based overseas is effective in growing a business. As a business owner who hires virtual assistants for your projects, you wish they would stay longer. What should you do to achieve this?

Treat Them Right

FilWeb Asia, a Philippines-based outsourcing firm, knows that good business relationships depend on the behavior of both the client and the service provider. Below are tried and tested tips to help you keep your VAs doing part of your tasks.

  • Trust

    Once you outsource, do not allow negative thoughts to cloud your judgment. Suspicions will not help either. In the first place, a contract binds your transaction with your provider, so make sure you place your full trust on the VA you hired.

  • Respect

    Even before the project begins, show high regard for your service provider. Be courteous, more so when giving instructions and asking for favors, and treat him/her the way you treat your office workers.

  • Consultative approach

    Instead of berating your VA for poor performance, you may give pieces of advice to help him/her excel, but express them in a nice way.

  • Appreciation

    Do not forget to thank your service provider for the efforts he/she exerted to complete your project. Say kind words whenever your VA accomplishes project goals. A simple “job well done” note can help inspire and motivate.

  • Communication

    An open communication line between you and your VA is key to understanding. As client, you are free to give instructions and specifications. You must communicate often right from the start of the project until delivery of the final product.

  • Cooperation

    Project accomplishment relies on your cooperation with each other. Hence, give important information and check the progress of the project.

  • Fairness

    Follow the provisions in your contract, and never ask your VA to do duties beyond what it states.

    • Incentive

      Aside from the payment you give for the service rendered, you may offer extra cash or gift as incentive, too. More than appreciation for a job well done, this move can strengthen your relationship. Consider these eight proven tips to keep a good partnership with versatile professionals who work for you off-site.

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