8 Workplace Horrors Every Pinoy Employee Can Relate To

Regardless of the appearance and history, every workplace has its own horror story. If you’re working in the BPO industry, you know who Junjun is. If you’re working in hospitals, you know the terrifying chill you feel when you walk past the morgue. However, despite our profession and place of work, we Filipino employees share these 8 workplace horrors that never cease to give us blood-curdling fright. Keep your lights on as you proceed.

Disclaimer:No monsters, demons, ghosts, or witches included–BUT these are so relatable you may want to stay under the covers!

Workplace Horrors Pinoy Workers Experience

  1. The power suddenly went out.
    workplace horrors

You’re peacefully working on your PC when the power suddenly went off. Not scary enough? Imagine experiencing this on a night shift alone! The scariest part is you weren’t able to save your work and you have to start over again once the power goes back on. Lesson learned: saving saves.

  1. You forgot to time in/time out.workplace horrors

Do you remember the time you went full X-Files or Detective Conan to solve the mystery behind your salary deduction from last cut-off? You almost low-key rage to the HR only to find out it’s actually your fault: you forgot to log in/ log out.

  1. Your boss urgently wants to talk to you.workplace horrors

Having asked by your boss for an urgent talk is like being told you were the next victim of the curse. Did you do something bad? Will you still have a job after the talk? Your paranoia is on fire and the hallway to your boss’ office suddenly looks like a road to hell to you.

  1. No internet connection.
    workplace horrors

You’re scheduling social media posts, downloading high-resolution graphics, and chatting with your client on Skype when all of a sudden, a familiar dinosaur pops in your screen. Walang Internet!!! What’s worse than being obliged to play the dinosaur game? Waiting for the connection to be back with little assurance that you will make it in time. Thank you, Internet!

  1. Your PC froze and then shut down.workplace horrors

To employees who can’t work without opening not less than 10 tabs and downloading files, true horror happens when your PC froze at your busiest hour. You’re lucky if you can ctrl + alt + del to stop crashed programs, but if not, you have to accept the reality that it was taken by the grim reaper and have to wait for it to restart. Thank you, Windows update!

  1. No available public transport vehicles to take you to work/home.workplace horrors

Heavy traffic during rush hour is a daily occurrence in the Philippines. It’s fun and games, until you realize the jeepney that just passed by is the last one with vacant seats. The most horrendous part is that you have to wait with a sea of fellow commuters who are as willing to go full rugby player as you just to get in first.

  1. Terrible traffic.
    workplace horrors

In foreign countries, red light is just a simple sign to ‘stop’. Here in the Philippines, we see it as a curse of time to freeze. What makes the heavy traffic worse are the traffic enforcers who don’t actually enforce the traffic to flow smoothly. Pwede ba? There are traffic lights already!

  1. Petsa de Peligro
    workplace horrors

Oh, the most terrifying of all! Finding out you only have 300 pesos left 5 days before payday is like taking part in The Hunger Games. You need to think of ways to survive with the amount of budget that is left of you. If you fail, you’re dead (a.k.a obligatory leave or utang, because you failed the survival game).

Did you know other workplace horrors that we didn’t mention in this article? Share your thoughts to the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this to your colleagues to pass the horror on!