5 Common Mistakes Marketers Commit on Instagram

Due to its growing number of users, Instagram has fast become a favorite marketing tool of businesses worldwide. It has invaded every corner of the market and has won over the world’s most sought-after age group—the Millennials. Just last September 2015, Instagram hit 400 million monthly active users, up from the 300 million recorded in December of 2014.

Are you using Instagram to sell your products or services? If yes; then, be sure you avoid the most common mistakes other marketers make on this famous photo-sharing app.

1. Incomplete Bio

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A good bio should define your brand and tell users your purpose. As it is the first thing visitors see after tapping your username, you must fill it with vital info and use it to build a good first impression.

To make the most of the 150-character limit, describe your product and your goals. Explain what you do and how you differ from your rivals. Include target keywords, too, as well as the link to your web site.

2. Poor-Quality Images

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Image quality says a lot about your brand. Blurry or low-quality pictures, for instance, make your business look amateur. So be sure you use only high-quality photos on your profile.

3. Wrong Use of Hashtags


Hashtags help viewers sort your photos and find your contents on Instagram. They also help build client relations and extend your business reach. When writing hashtags, be careful not to overdo it. Use the correct hashtags on every photo and keep it short and unique.

4. Underposting or Overposting

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You are harming your brand when you post multiple updates every day or post only once a week. Since your goal is to make consumers recognize your brand, you must not promote too much or not do anything at all. Most experts advise one to two posts a day to let your followers remember you.

5. Not Engaging with Users

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“Instagram is not a ‘set it and forget it’ deal,” says blogger Dara Fontein. You must follow other relevant users and connect with them, too. If somebody leaves a comment on one of your photos, take time to respond. Mingle with your Instagram community and treat them like a family.

Take note of these reminders whether you’ve just created your profile or you’re on Instagram for several years already. Avoiding these common gaffes will lead you to a more engaged and loyal community.

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