Six Obvious Signs Your Friend Finally Got His/Her 13th Month Pay

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To us employees, the 13th month pay serves as the cherry on top of the holiday season. We can finally treat ourselves, pay bills, and buy presents for our loved ones. Oh, ‘di ba? Ang lakas maka yaman! You may still be in the middle of planning on what you’re going to do with your bonus, but how can you tell whether your friends or coworkers have already spent theirs? If you see them flaunt or post these on their social media accounts, don’t be surprised.

Your Colleagues or Friends When They Finally Got Their 13th Month Pay

1. Newly-rebonded hair.

Someone walks in with a beautiful, straight, and shiny hair swaying. Is that a new employee? No. She’s your mars or bes who finally got her Brazilian blowout makeover! Nowadays, most titas include hair makeover (popularly, rebonding) on their holiday self-care list. We don’t blame them, though. Who doesn’t want their hair to look like those in Cream Silk commercials anyway?

13th month pay

2. Christmas shopping galore.

#Blessed #13thmonthpay #ninongduties #ninangduties #santamode: If you see these popular hashtags on your colleagues or friends’ post, then surely they already got their bonus. Your news feed will be flooded with snaps of their shopping spree. Wait until the holidays are over and you’ll see the transition from “blessed” to “broke”.

3. New vehicle parts.

Some say women treat themselves with new bags, clothes, shoes, or makeup while men splurge on new ‘upgrades’ for their baby. Correction: Not human baby, but motorcycle or car baby. Girlfriends goin’ to be jealous, but nothing can go between their man and his true babe.

13th month pay

4. Online shop madness.

Some of them aren’t fan of tiresome and hassle-much walk-in shopping. You’ll likely find them going incognito during work and checking out items on sale online (aminin!). Thank you, Lazada, Shopee, and other online stores for emptying their wallets, and for having them spread the irresistible “curse” of shop-til-you-drop!

13th month pay

5. Unlimited food trip.

You’ll know your food aficionado friend has finally received his/her 13th month pay when he/she treats his friends and family, or tries several new fast food chains and restaurants almost every week. It’s undeniably notable, especially if you know he/she’s not the galante or ma-post type of person.

6. Bills and debts settled.

Finally, not all employees think of spending their holiday pay on liabilities. Few of them have already planned of paying the people they borrowed money from. Don’t judge if some of your workmates have already run out of cash. They may have paid their debts for a clean and stress-free holiday.

13th month pay

What are the other signs you have noticed from your friends or colleagues? Share them in the comments below. Happy holidays from FilWeb Asia!

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