Spooky Decors by the FAI Admin Staff

FilWeb Asia Inc.’s Spooky Halloween 2022

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, FilWeb Asia Inc. was unable to have its Halloween celebration for two consecutive years. However, with the country’s loosening COVID-19 protocols, the company was eager to host another Halloween event this 2022.

With Halloween drawing near last October 28, 2022, the company lobby was decked out with spooky Halloween decor. The Halloween day celebration took place, attended by the employees, with tricks and treats aplenty. The Halloween program also featured a handful of entertaining activities, along with the costume competition. 

Halloween 2022: FilWebers’ Ghoulish Looks for Spooks

Building reception with an employee wearing a La Casa de Papel costume.

Kicking off the Halloween Party was Mr. Rico Niño Espadilla, host of the FilWeb Halloween Program, who dressed up as a character from the Netflix series La Casa de Papel.

Employees from FilWeb Asia Inc. enthusiastically wore their imaginative costumes on the main level before the presentation began. All of them looked forward to what would occur or even what the Halloween day celebration activities would entail.

FilWeb Asia Inc.'s ground floor was filled with employees wearing Halloween costumes.

Mr. Espadilla opened the event by introducing the contestants for the Halloween costume competition. The competitors each introduced themselves and explained where they got the idea for their outfits. It was intriguing to see how the FilWebers adorned themselves with distinctive personalities. All of them brought their A-game, dressing up based as characters from either a movie or TV show.

Upon the costume competition participants’ introduction, Mr. Espadilla stated that the winners would be announced before the program’s conclusion.

‘Cover The Dead’: Mummy Wrap Game

FilWebers playing the Mummy Wrap Game.

The host then offered a different game partaken by the employees following the costume contest, The Mummy Wrap Game. This team activity required each group to use just three rolls of tissue paper to completely cover one of their members, after which they would yell “Happy Halloween!” The game would end with the fastest team to do the tasks.

The game was played by three teams, the DCM and Creative Team, the Flexi Team, and the OP and DRT Team. The Mummy Wrap Game was won by the OP and DRT Team, who managed to completely cover one of their members with toilet paper from head to toe.

‘The Fast and Furious’: Hands and Feet Race Game 

Players of the Hand and Foot Game. (From left to right: Bryan Romero, Alfie Buenaflor, Janno Martinez)

The Hands and Feet Race Game served as the second game during the Halloween 2022 celebration. Each of the three players received four pieces of cardboard paper as they entered the game. To tread on the cardboard without touching the floor, they had to use both hands and feet. 

The game is won by the first person to cross the finish line. Bryan Romero of the Digital Content and Marketing Department was declared the Hands and Feet Race Game’s victor.

Halloween Costume Competition 2022

Following the entertaining activities, staff members posed for pictures.

Mr. Espadilla then revealed who won the costume contest. Cecilia Delos Reyes’ (Flexi Dept.) witch costume took third place. Janno Martinez (Maintenance Dept.) , who was dressed as Michael Myers for second place, came next. Joshua Almeria (DCM Dept.), who was wearing a Valak costume, was adjudged the ultimate winner of the Halloween 2022 costume contest.

The winners of the Halloween Costume Competition 2022 (left to right): Joshua Almeria, Janno Martinez, and Cecilia Delos Reyes
The winners of the Halloween Costume Competition 2022 (left to right): Joshua Almeria, Janno Martinez, and Cecilia Delos Reyes

The Halloween event was a frightfully good time. With all the activities and costume contest, FilWeb employees had a great day. The president of FilWeb, Ms. Celina Mercado, handed the staff snacks like candy and wafers once the event ended.

The Halloween 2022 celebration of FilWeb Asia Inc. is a demonstration of its commitment to excellence, respect, and teamwork.