Call Center Agents Really Want to Say These to Customers

We cannot stress enough how exhausting and stressful a call center agent’s life is, especially those in the Philippines. You go to work late at night, you try to sleep when the whole town’s awake, and you deal with an array or irate customers 40 hours a week. And all to be paid roughly $4 and hour.

It’s not a very charmed life but it’s one a lot of people push through to make a living. But sometimes, there are customers who call in who seems to enjoy tormenting call center agents. And because these representatives value their jobs, they reel their emotions in and act professional.

But it’s not that easy. In fact, here are some things most call center agents wish to tell irate customers…but don’t:

1. “You are my 100th customer, so I would appreciate it if you be nice… For a change.”

Ryan Reynolds:

2. “Yelling won’t help you; it just makes me want to NOT solve your problem.”

I don't think yelling is necessary

3. “You call in mad, I solve your problem, and then I get a dissatisfaction rating? Oh joy.”

Thank you

4. “Oh so you don’t want to talk to me? The feeling is mutual, pal.”

Stop Listening

5. “It’s amazing how comfortable you are at insulting me. My parents never even did that.”


We must always respect one another; it doesn’t matter what profession we are in. Call center agents do the best they can to help us out, so the least we can be is nice and cooperative towards them. Also, we don’t want them to mess up our accounts if we make them mad, right? *winks*