Strategic Marketing Tools to Protect Your Brand

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Digital marketing isn’t always about employing online campaigns but also keeping an eye on the brand’s reputation. If you’re a digital marketer or a business owner wishing to maintain good online credibility, you should know the means to safeguard your brand’s name. The good thing is, marketers can do it easily, with tools now readily available, it will be a matter of proper imposition of rules and guidelines. Below is a list of few marketing tools that you can use to keep your brand away from any threat in the virtual world.

Marketing Tools to Use
1. Social Media (Mentions)

The power of social media is so enormous—larger than how people have imagined it. News of dissatisfied clients hitting businesses with rants has been making rounds across the internet for years. And the proliferation of trolls and fake news even worsened the situation, posing greater threats to anyone. That said, it pays that you know what other people are saying about your product or service. Take advantage of the social platforms’ features, say hashtags and interactions. How can you strategize with these features after making a proactive social media policy? Search for brand mentions (targeted keywords) and address the “harmful” ones. Contact the unhappy clients and publicly make a promise to fix the issues.

Note: Don’t be confused with Mention, a social media and web tracking tool.

2. Blogs and Case Studies

These two website sections seem so trivial but are a big help in building relationship with clients and boosting your exposure and power. Yes, these content types help attract customers as they are useful in making buying choices. Not only they drive traffic to your site but also heighten your spot in the market with the insights you impart to the readers.

3. Web-based Tools and Apps

If you want to know how you’ve made a good online reputation so far, monitor it through various means. Also, the internet offers ways to obtain details on the recent trends, know the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and know people’s feedback toward certain product or service. You may take advantage of the many marketing tools offered for free, such as Tweet Reach, Google Alerts, and Addictomatic, among others.

4. Software

Today, you can keep track of your performance or progress by using several software applications. These may include software on database management, marketing automation, user engagement, and inbound marketing solution, among others.

5. Reputation Tools

The use of Klout, Peer Index, and Kred can help you as these marketing tools measure rates of the business’ impact across social circles. The scores come from various metrics, which are vital in the type of social media platform you’re using and being gauged.

Truly, living in this “search-happy” era requires any business to keep a positive online presence—by finding ways to protect their identity. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing tools that business owners should consider to boost digital marketing campaign. If you can’t strategize with any of the SEO tactics, seek professional help. FilWeb Asia’s tailored SEO services could befriend humans and search engines alike—toward reaching your business goal!

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