the ultimate guide to hiring the best virtual secretary

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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As a startup company, you may not have enough funds to hire a full-time in-house staff. Hence, it’s time you find a virtual secretary. To give you a scope, hiring a virtual assistant will:

  • Let you focus more on growing your business;
  • Free you from the boring tasks that bog down your company;
  • Help you offload tasks (e.g., content creation, email marketing, influencer outreach, and social media); and
  • Assist you in generating income by letting you focus on the advanced tasks that deserve your attention and specific skill set.

Tasks of a Virtual Secretary

You can outsource five key roles of a virtual secretary for rates as low as $3 per hour. These roles are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Writing
  • Audio and Video Editing

In addition, understand that a virtual secretary won’t always have everything down pat to complete assignments in every field. For instance, if a virtual secretary is adept at writing, you can appoint him or her to work on digital marketing and content writing. But if he or she is adept at administration, you can assign him or her to do appointment scheduling, data entry, or reminder services.
As you focus on the growth of your firm, a virtual assistant will take care of tasks that kill your time as business owner.

The Five-Step Hiring Process

Hence, when hiring the perfect virtual assistant, you must go through the following steps:
Step #1: Write a clear job description.
Step #2: Weed out candidates that don’t fit for the position.
Step #3: Use tools to help streamline and automate the procedure.
Step #4: Pick your top candidates.
Step #5: Set up interviews and prepare follow-up questions with a trial task.
Here, your goal is to screen candidates early in the procedure so you won’t waste time finding out whether the person you hired is the right fit. Likewise, reject candidates right away if you see any red flag. In the same way, don’t waste time interviewing someone who is already inadequate.
a virtual secretary

Tips to Keep in Mind When Working with a Virtual Secretary

To work effectively with your assistant, remember to apply the following tips:

  • Have a backup file of your documents and vital business information to avoid a serious problem with a virtual secretary. Since the person isn’t anywhere near you, you’re more likely to overlook a few crucial information.
  • Keep your instructions clear and concise. If possible, provide pictures and screenshots to get the clear points of the instruction. Though this method is time-consuming, the possible break and headache you’ll save can be much greater.
  • Set a time frame of your requests and make sure you relay them to your secretary. Likewise, require him or her to submit a daily report to keep you in the loop. This way, you can both check and track your secretary’s performance and spot any tailback in the work at once.

Hiring a virtual assistant has never been easier. Besides, it’s a clear investment for your business because it allows you to focus on more important tasks only you can handle.
What are your best tips for hiring a virtual secretary? Share your thoughts with us on the comments section! If you need one, hire us! Visit this link for other details.
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