SEO trends to expect in 2017

SEO Trends: Reliable Predictions for 2016-2017

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With online marketing growing so fast, digital marketers like you should always keep up with the latest search engine optimization or SEO trends to stay competitive. To feed your mind, find below the stuff SEO experts expect to see dominating the schemes between 2016 and 2017.

SEO Trends in 2016-2017

1. Voice search.
Hungry for information, people these days go online to find accurate details—regardless of the time and place their curiosity strikes. This explains why you want a handier substitute when you’re on the go. Today, we enjoy an improved way of searching for contents because we can use “digital assistant” voice search platforms such as Cortana, Google Now, and Siri. With this, it’s only right if you optimize your keywords for voice search and get high ranking in search results. Many marketing experts believe voice search will become the future of online queries as humans continue to find easier and quicker ways of doing online searches.

2. Schema Markup.
Using a schema markup can do wonders in reaching a high spot in search results. This one may be less common among SEO trends, but it works in carrying what your site’s data mean. Hence, you must put this code or markup in your website to display a snippet of your content that’s informative for online users. How does it work? Suppose your business website has a markup on events pages, the search engine results page (SERP) displays the basic and relevant details. These include the business name, a brief description, and schedule of activities. A schema doesn’t just make your content appealing but helps search engines grasp the entire site, too.

3. Local SEO.
With various tools, you can bring your business closer to your target audience—only if you know how to localize your content. The good thing is you have a few ways to win the stiff game for organic results through local SEO. These include optimizations through Google Maps and review sites or local directory listings. As regards Google Maps, make sure you’ve updated your business details to the information that show up in the search results. Your local SEO efforts won’t succeed without client reviews, which serve as your business’ social proof. How people rate you on Yelp, Zagat, or Trip Advisor affects SERPs. Just be sure to use local keywords to make your website visible online.

4. Google My Business (GMB).
The rise of this free business listing is a precious chance for entrepreneurs. As a marketer, you must maximize this app that’s fast becoming one of the biggest SEO trends. This trend is a sure way to manage your local SEO well because it allows you to share vital details such as business hours, directions, and contact numbers. What’s even great with this listing is its synchronization with both Google Maps and Google Search. In addition, GMB offers a handful of other useful features for interaction and ratings tracking purposes.

Mobile-Optimized Site

Your effort to strengthen your campaign even with these SEO techniques won’t reap great results if you don’t optimize your website for mobile browsing. Thus, make it a point to design a responsive website or suffer the drawbacks for failing to do so.

If you don’t know how to apply these SEO trends to your campaign or to bolster it further with SEO friendly write-ups, hire our expert services.