Philippine Outsourcing Obstructions and How to Avoid Them

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Notwithstanding the fact that the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the country promotes dependability and stability, the insurmountable customers’ demands still face inevitable threats. Moreover, because many people depend on BPO companies for employment; it is, therefore, necessary to eradicate the Philippine outsourcing threats that hinder toward reaching one’s dream.

Philippine Outsourcing Threats and Perils

The following are the concurrent scenarios of the BPO industry in the country. Find these obstructions and learn how to eliminate them.

Inadequate Networking Infrastructures

The Internet is a foremost requirement in the BPO industry. Internet allows business associates and clients to communicate with one another and to engage in various transactions. Aside of course, from the telephone and facsimile machine, the Internet is one of the innovative ways through which companies can easily be recognized by the potential clients worldwide.
The insufficiency of the infrastructures often leads to a not-so-good performance and unimpressive customer service. Inadequate infrastructure fails to provide rapid data transmission. Investment for better and increased business resources is what should be done to help improve the quality of the output and operations of call centers and similar BPO companies.

Deterioration of English Fluency

It is quite disturbing that from being the second largest English-speaking country, the Philippines is now the third. Gone are the days when Filipinos can fluently and articulately speak pure English. This valuable ability delivers the nation into a competitive world and to the outsourcing business.
For an industry like BPO, the ability to speak English fluently is very critical and highly-needed because customers are often foreigners. Apparently, Filipinos can really speak English, and can sound as good as Americans, too. On the contrary, in this nation where call centers are flourishing, statistics shows that only 3 out of 10 Filipinos know how to speak English well.
The evident proof of this reality is in the initial screening during job interviews. Applicants fail the job application because of his inadequate knowledge on how he must express himself in Shakespeare’s language. That means, the number of applicants who do know how to speak the language fluently is deteriorating. Thus, an extensive English language training and education must be supported and strictly implemented by both the academic sectors and the government. This is to help the majority of call center applicants to possess the primary key requirement to be accepted for the job.

Low Productivity

Apparently, if you will combine two of the major BPO threats: insufficient infrastructures, and resources, as well as incompetent workers, surely, there’s no escape, but to have a result of a very low productivity. BPO companies will not be able to provide efficient customer service without these pivotal factors that stimulate business functions. Hence, there are needs that must be filled to help BPO companies become stable and worry-free.

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